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The first printed map of Baltimore County Maryland

A rare, large-scale map of Baltimore County Maryland and one of the very few maps of southern counties published before the Civil War. This minutely-detailed wall map depicts the county’s twelve districts, road network, railroads, post offices, mills, foundries, schools, taverns, country seats, and the names of thousands of landowners. There is a large inset plan […]

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J. Chace Jr. Civ. Eng. Troy N.Y. & W.J. Barker N. Hector New York / Wagner & McGuigan Lith. No. 4 Franklin Place Philada., CLARK’S MAP OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY, CONNECTICUT. FROM ACTUAL SURVEY BY & UNDER THE DIRECTION OF J. CHACE Jr. CIV. ENG. TROY N.Y. & W.J. BARKER N. HECTOR NEW YORK. Philadelphia: Richard Clark, 1858.

Monumental wall map of Fairfield County Connecticut

A lovely, richly-informative and very scarce wall map of Fairfield County, Connecticut published by Richard Clark in 1858 and in entirely original condition. Published in 1858, this was for its time by far the largest and most detailed map of Fairfield County. The area’s topography, particularly in the northwest part of the county, is shown […]

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Osgood Carleton, A New Map of the UNITED STATES, OF AMERICA Including part of Louisiana Drawn from the latest Authorities Revised and corrected by OSGOOD CARLETON. Esqr. Teacher of Mathematics BOSTON. Boston: John Sullivan Junr., 1806.

Monumental wall map of the United States by Osgood Carleton

A monumental wall map of the United States by Osgood Carleton, much enlarged and greatly updated to reflect political developments and advances in geographic knowledge. A great rarity, known in only 10 or 11 examples, most in American institutions. The map Carleton’s first attempt at a wall map of the country appeared in 1791 as […]

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J.H. Millar of the firm Bryan & Millar, Panora, Guthrie Co., Iowa (mapmaker) / G.H. Yewel (illustrator) / Cook, Sargent & Downey (publishers) / W. Schuchman, 3d St. Pittsburgh (lithographer), IOWA CITY AND ITS ENVIRONS. Iowa City: Cook, Sargent & Downey, 1854.

1854 wall map promoting Iowa City

A rare, detailed and attractive 1854 wall map of Iowa City produced as a promotional piece on behalf of local real estate investors. The territorial legislature of Iowa established Iowa City in 1839. The city was surveyed and platted later that year, and in 1841 the territorial capital shifted there from Burlington. Following Iowa’s accession […]

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Osgood Carleton, AN ACCURATE MAP of THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS Exclusive of the DISTRICT of MAINE Compiled pursuant to an ACT of the GENERAL COURT From Actual Surveys of the several Towns, &c.... Boston: Published and Sold by O. Carleton & J. Norman, [1798.]

Osgood Carleton’s 1798 Accurate Map of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

A great rarity, this seminal map by Osgood Carleton is by far the best 18th-century map of Massachusetts and one of the earliest officially-sponsored maps of an American state. With extensive expert restoration and priced accordingly, but all-but unobtainable in any condition. The map’s large scale of six miles to the inch gave mapmaker Osgood […]

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Colossal and unrecorded wall map of Dallas, Texas

A colossal and unrecorded wall map of Dallas Texas, issued at a seminal moment in the development of the modern city. Dallas was one of the great American boom towns of the late 19th century, developing rapidly from a small frontier outpost into Texas’ most dynamic city. This map was issued in 1911, shortly after […]

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Osgood Carleton, AN ACCURATE MAP, of The DISTRICT OF MAINE Being Part of the Commonwealth of MASSACHUSETTS: Compiled pursuant to an Act of the GENERAL COURT, From Actual Surveys of the several Towns &c. TAKEN BY THEIR ORDER: Exhibiting, the boundary Lines of the District the Counties and Towns, the principal Roads, Rivers, Mountains, Mines, Islands, Rocks, Shoals, Channels, Lakes, Ponds, Falls, Mills, Manufactures, and Public Buildings, with the Latitudes and Longitudes &c. Boston: Published and Sold by O. Carleton & J. Norman, [1798.]

Osgood Carleton’s 1798 Accurate Map of the District of Maine

A great rarity, Osgood Carleton’s Accurate Map of the District of Maine is among the most desirable early Maine maps, the most detailed to appear in the eighteenth century, and one of the earliest maps sponsored by an American state. Carleton’s map depicts the then-District of Maine at a scale of six miles to the […]

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H[eman] Stebbins / Pendleton’s Lithography, MAP OF WORCESTER SHIRE TOWN OF THE COUNTY OF WORCESTER. Worcester[?]: C[larendon] Harris, 1833.

Rare 1833 map of Worcester Massachusetts

A fine and rare map depicting the human and natural geography of Worcester, Massachusetts. First settled by the English in 1674 the area was twice abandoned during King Phillip’s and Queen Anne’s Wars before being permanently resettled in 1713, incorporated in 1722 and named seat of the newly-created Worcester County in 1731. Taking advantage of […]

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Henry Walling map of Concord New Hampshire

Rare H. F. Walling plan of Concord New Hampshire

A rare, attractive and terrifically informative map of Concord New Hampshire by Henry Walling, arguably the preeminent American mapmaker of the mid-19th century. This very rare map depicts the center of Concord at a terrific level of detail for the time. The very large scale of 500 feet to the inch permits Walling to show […]

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