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Thomas Chew, Return of the Killed and Wounded on board the US Frigate Chesapeake James Lawrence Esq Captain in the Action with the British Frigate Shannon on the 1st June 1813. Aboard the Chesapeake or Shannon: June 1, 1813.

Manuscript casualty list from the USS Chesapeake’s 1813 encounter with the HMS Shannon, by the Chesapeake’s purser

The original manuscript record of the casualties on the USS Chesapeake during her June 1, 1813 defeat by the HMS Shannon. Compiled on the day of the battle and updating over the next several days. Following a challenge issued by British Captain Philip Broke, the USS Chesapeake, under Captain James Lawrence, met the HMS Shannon in a single-battle off […]

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Rare print of the President and the Little Belt

A rare print of an American naval “victory” of sorts. In early May of 1811 the U.S. frigate President under Captain John Rodgers was sent in search of the Guerriere, which had recently stopped and boarded the American brig Spitfire and impressed a native-born American. On the evening of May 15-16 (not the 11th as stated […]

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