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1833 Loring Terrestrial Globe

Lovely 12” Josiah Loring terrestrial globe

A lovely Josiah Loring terrestrial globe produced in Boston in or around 1833.  In beautiful condition, with none of the craquelure that often mars early American globes.   Josiah Loring (1775-ca. 1840) was the first commercial globe maker active in Boston and one of the first American makers to follow pioneer James Wilson (According to Bedini’s Thinkers […]

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A delightful puzzle globe

This clever little puzzle globe was produced as an educational tool, demanding a combination of physical manipulation and mental exertion in order to reinforce students’ geographic knowledge. The globe consists of 22 wooden pieces, including 20 wedge-shaped segments and 2 polar calottes, together with an ebonized wooden stands. When properly assembled the pieces form six […]

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One of earliest globes made in America

One of the earliest American globes, and a great New England success story. The production of accurate, attractive globes demanded expertise in copper plate engraving and printing, casting and precise engraving in brass, and wood turning and joinery. Thus, while globes were made commercially in Europe as early as the 16th century, the wide range […]

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