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A scarce, quirky and decorative map of the New Sweden colony

A fascinating 18th-century map of the mid-Atlantic region, including the short-lived colony of New Sweden. Engraved in Upsala, Sweden by Jonas Silfverling, it was typically issued as a folding plate in Eric Tobias Biorck’s Dissertatio Gradualis de Plantatione Ecclesiae Svecanae in America. According to Streeter the Dissertatio was “the first book written by a native […]

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Smith & Hill 1861 map of Dakota Territory

With the first printed map of Dakota Territory, showing Sioux cessions

A superb example of the first edition of this rare and important map of the Dakota Territory, published the year it was incorporated by Congress. With a presentation inscription to Alexander Ramsey, the first Territorial Governor of Minnesota. The main map focuses on the “ceded part of Dakota Territory,” delineated by a faint blue line […]

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Two rare Ohio maps, with Toledo War association and Streeter provenance

Two extremely rare maps of early Ohio towns, both with distinguished provenance, and with interesting connections to the early settlement of the region, the development of the Miami and Erie Canal, and the Toledo War. Background American settlement in the Maumee River area of Ohio began in the early 19th century but was set back […]

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