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[After Benjamin Wilson], THE REPEAL OR THE FUNERAL OF MISS AME[RICAN]=STAMP [No place, no date, but London, 1766].

Iconic 1766 political cartoon celebrating the repeal of the Stamp Act

Important and scarce political cartoon lampooning the repeal of the Stamp Act under the administration of George Grenville, Prime Minister from 1763 to 1765. “One of the most famous and popular political satires commenting on the Stamp Act”. (Dolmetsch) Background As Prime Minster, George Grenville (1712-1770) was faced with restoring Britain’s finances and reducing the […]

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[Benjamin Franklin], The Colonies Reduced / Its Companion. London: Designed & Engraved for The Political Register, [December 1768.]

The Colonies Reduced, a Ben Franklin cartoon satirizing The Stamp Act

An early re-issue of The Colonies Reduced, a clever political cartoon by Ben Franklin attacking the Stamp Act. The cartoon consists of two panels. According to Dolmetsch the upper panel is based on a cartoon originally designed by Benjamin Franklin while acting as Pennsylvania’s colonial agent in London. Upon the passage of the Stamp Act in […]

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An amazing Revolutionary-era ephemeron

Patriotic verse printed on the back of a playing card in pre-Revolutionary New York. This wonderful ephemeron is neither dated nor signed, but Evans attributes it to New York printer John Holt in 1768. This view is elaborated on in Luke John Feder’s The Sense of the City: Politics and Culture in Pre-Revolutionary New York City. […]

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