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BRM2607 Leominster Mass ca 1831_lowresSimeon Borden (1798-1856) is best remembered as the civil engineer who oversaw the survey and production of the Topographical Map of Massachusetts (1844).  This was the second official map of the state and represented a vast improvement over its predecessor, Osgood Carleton’s Map of Massachusetts Proper (1801).

View this post to learn more about Simeon Borden, his Topographical Map, and the early mapping of Massachusetts in general.

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From Actual Surveys Made by Edmund J. Baker, Surveyr. / Pendleton's Lithog[raph]y, A MAP of the Towns of DORCHESTER AND MILTON, 1831, Made under the direction of the Town's committees for the use of the Commonwealth. Boston, 1831.

First printed map of Dorchester and Milton Massachusetts

A fine and very rare 1831 map depicting the human and natural geography of Dorchester and Milton, Massachusetts. Dorchester was founded just before Boston in 1630, was annexed to its northern neighbor in 1870, and is now an intensely diverse neighborhood of perhaps 100,000 residents. Milton was founded in 1662 on land ceded by Dorchester, has […]

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BRM2607 Leominster Mass ca 1831_lowres

The first printed map of Leominster Massachusetts

A fine and extremely rare map depicting the human and natural geography of the town of Leominster in Worcester County, Massachusetts. The map provides an immensely detailed view of the town in the early 1800s, including the its boundaries, the road network, and features of the natural topography (with symbols for woodlands, and shading employed […]

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A mammoth map of Rhode Island

A superb, monumental and decorative map of Rhode Island by the preeminent New England mapmaker of the 19th century. Offered here in a rare and unusual variant with added text panels. At one mile to the inch, Walling’s is by far the largest map of the state produced for its time. The scale allows for […]

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The first printed map of Duxbury, Mass.

A rare and lovely plan giving an immensely detailed view of the natural and human geography of early 19th-century Duxbury, Massachusetts. Keyed symbols indicate and differentiate dwellings, meeting-houses, schools, mills and factories. Symbols and shading are employed to differentiate natural features such as hills, woodlands, wetlands, ponds and open beaches. Town boundaries are carefully delineated […]

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