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[English Pilot] VIRGINIA, MARYLAND, PENNSILVANIA, East & West NEW JERSEY. London: Sold by Jno. Mount & Thos. Page Tower Hill, [1689/ca. 1773].

Delaware Bay and Chesapeake Bay, from the English Pilot. The Fourth Book

An important early chart of the Delaware and Chesapeake Bay regions from The English Pilot. The Fourth Book, based upon the seminal work of Augustine Hermann.  The chart depicts the coast from Staten Island as far south as modern-day Virginia Beach. The geography is based largely on that of Augustine Hermann’s monumental 1673 map Virginia and […]

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[Samuel Holland et al.] / “Lieutenant Knight of the Navy and Pilots,” THE COAST OF NEW ENGLAND. [London:] J.F.W. Des Barres, APRIL 24, 1776.

Magnificent chart of the Coast of New England from The Atlantic Neptune

By far the finest 18th-century depiction of the Coast of New England issued in The Atlantic Neptune to meet the needs of British navigators during the American Revolution. Description This monumental chart depicts the complex coast of New England from Passamaquoddy Bay south and west to Narragansett Bay. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of depth soundings are given, […]

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A MAP OF THE Harbour of NEW YORK by Survey. [New York, ca. 1735-1770s.]

An early manuscript map of the New York City area, with provenance to one of the U.S. Navy’s first frigate captains

An early manuscript map of what is now New York City, based closely on William Bradford’s New Map of the Harbour of New York, one of the great rarities of 18th-century American cartography. Like the Bradford map, our manuscript depicts New York and northeastern New Jersey from roughly present-day Marlboro Township in the southwest, to Little Falls in […]

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U.S. Coast Survey chart of Cape Ann and points North

An attractive chart of the waters from Cape Ann, Mass. to Wells, Maine. A trove of information, the chart includes immensely detailed soundings; navigational hazards; and navigational aids such as lighthouses, light ships and bouys. Two finely-engraved coastal profiles of Cape Ann give added appeal. Also provided is detailed topographical and cartographical information on the adjacent […]

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A New SURUEY of the Harbour of BOSTON in NEW ENGLAND. Done by Order of the Principall officers and Comissioners of his Ma.ties Navy and sold by George Grierson ... [Dublin]: George Grierson, [1730 or later].

A rare and important chart of Boston Harbor

A considerable rarity, the Dublin edition of the most detailed chart of Boston Harbor for its time, first engraved and published for inclusion in the English Pilot. Fourth Book, the most important English 18th-century pilot book of North America and the Caribbean. The chart was of considerable influence and longevity, as it was not fully […]

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[Cyprian Southack?], A Correct Map of the Coast OF NEW ENGLAND. London, [1745-1760].

Cyprian Southack’s chart of the New England coast

An important chart of the coast of northeastern North America, based on the work of Cyprian Southack, one of Colonial Boston’s most colorful figures. A Correct Map of the Coast of New England depicts the northeast coast from Sandy Hook to the southern edge of Cape Breton. It provides much information on soundings, banks and shoals, and other […]

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Mark Tiddeman (hydrographer?) / I. Mount & T. Page (publishers), A Draught of NEW YORK from the Hook to NEW YORKTOWN by Mark Tiddeman. London: W. Mount & T. Page upon Tower Hill, [1729 / 1760].

The first large-scale chart of the waters around New York City, by Mark Tiddeman

A very appealing 1729 chart of the waters around New York City, with much information on the early European settlement in the region.  This appealing chart provides much hydrographic detail, with particular emphasis on the challenging approaches to New York Bay and Harbor. It also provides much terrestrial information, including New York City at the […]

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The HARBOUR of CHARLES TOWN in South-Carolina from the Surveys of Sr. Jas. Wallace Captn. In his Majestys Navy & Others, with A VIEW of the TOWN from the SOUTH SHORE of Ashley River. London: J.F.W. Des Barres, Esqr., Nov. 1, 1777.

Chart of Charleston, South Carolina from The Atlantic Neptune

Spectacular Revolutionary-era chart of the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina, likely compiled from Colonial-era surveys and British reconnaissance just before the 1776 Battle of Sullivan’s Island. Published in the Atlantic Neptune, it was for its time by far the finest printed chart of the area. Blessed by a large, sheltered harbor and proximity to the […]

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[ Lesser Antilles ] THE CARRIBBEE ISLANDS. [No place, no date, but mid-19th century.]

Large, detailed but rather mysterious navigation chart of the Lesser Antilles

Striking mid-19th century navigation chart of the Lesser Antilles extending from Puerto Rico to Trinidad with the mainland coast of South America.   The chart gives soundings, prevailing winds, aids and hazards to navigation, and anchorages around and between many of the islands, the information particularly dense around Trinidad and the South American cost. Considering […]

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