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Boom (and bust) at Lagoon Heights, Martha’s Vineyard

Lovely promotional map for the Lagoon Heights development in present-day Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard. This plan combines a plat of the Lagoon Heights development with decorative vignettes of two very fine cottages and an unusual perspective view of the Lagoon and Vineyard Sound. The overall impression is most attractive, rendering this is one of the […]

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Spectacular poster for a Japanese film on the War in the Pacific

A monumental and extremely rare poster for a Japanese film celebrating the War in the Pacific. This mammoth poster and map of East Asia and the Pacific was issued to promote the Italian release of the 1958 Japanese film Battaglia del Pacifico.   Produced by the Shin Toho Company and directed by Toshio Shimura, the film was […]

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[F. E. Cheeseman], AVIATION CAVALCADE. Milwaukee, WI: Albert Richard, 1944.

F. E. Cheeseman’s Aviation Cavalcade

Aviation Cavalcade is an exuberant pictorial map highlighting American might near the end of WWII… published to promote, of all things, a men’s clothing company in Milwaukee!  The map depicts a huge range of American military aircraft—real and imaginary–dominating the skies over an oddly-rendered north polar projection of the world, with nary an Axis plane […]

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E. McD.  Johnstone / Dickman-Jones Co. Lith., THE UNIQUE MAP OF CALIFORNIA. San Francisco: Southern Pacific Company and the State Board of Trade of California, [ca. 1888.]

The Unique Map of California

A very scarce map of California, combining attractive color, imagery, thematic and persuasive elements to yield a decorative and promotional tour de force.   This remarkable promotional map depicts each California county, along with its acreage, primary agricultural products and extractive industries.  Superimposed on the map are no fewer than 20 pictorial vignettes emphasize both the […]

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Ca. 1901 promotional plan of the Piedmont development in Portland Oregon

Rare real estate maps of Portland Oregon

A very rare promotional plan for part of the Piedmont development in Portland, Oregon, backed by a large plan of the city. I quote extensively from the web site of the Piedmont Neighborhood Association: “The Piedmont subdivision was platted in 1889 by Edward Quackenbush and promoted in an early flyer as “The Emerald, Portland’s Evergreen […]

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Before Spindletop, Pattillo Higgins puts Jefferson County, Texas on the map

A very rare 1898 promotional map of Jefferson County, Texas. Published by Pattillo Higgins, the Father of Texas Oil, a few short years before the gusher at Spindletop transformed the global oil industry. Background Higgins (1863-1955) was born in Sabine Pass, Texas but spent most of his life in nearby Beaumont. His unpromising early years were marked among other things […]

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