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[ Solar System ] Par Camille Flammarion et Naud-Evrard / Dessin et peinture de E. Huguenin / Gravure de Cholet / Impron. de Hoock Fes., LE MONDE SOLAIRE [:] NOTIONS DE COSMOGRAPHIE. Paris: Librairie Ch. Delagrave, ca. 1880.

A stunning image of the Solar System printed using the pochoir technique

A stunning and unrecorded image of the solar system, the fruit of a collaboration between a famed scientific thinker and author, a geographer, a wallpaper manufacturer, and an educational publisher. This spectacular chart represents the Copernican model of the solar system, with the eight known planets, the asteroid belt and a pair of comets orbiting […]

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Mammoth, dramatic wall maps of the Americas

A very rare pair of maps of North and South America, remarkable for their mammoth scale, dramatic projection and unusually vibrant color. The maps employ the rarely-seen orthographic projection, with the North American map centered on the upper Missouri River and the South American on Paraguay.   The land masses include major topographical features, national and […]

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