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Henry F. Walling Sup[erintenden]t of the State Map / Engraved, Printed, Colored & Mounted by H.F. Walling & Co., MAP OF THE COUNTY OF PLYMOUTH MASSACHUSETTS. FROM ACTUAL SURVEYS UNDER THE DIRECTION OF HENRY F. WALLING SUPT. OF THE STATE MAP 1857. Boston and New York: D. R. Smith & Co., 1857.

Henry F. Walling’s map of Plymouth County Massachusetts

A monumental and richly-informative 1857 wall map of Plymouth County in southeastern Massachusetts, known today for both its ancient towns, historical sites, and spectacular beaches. Published in 1857, this is by far the largest and most detailed map of Plymouth County produced to date. The region’s hilly topography is shown by hachuring and shading, and […]

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The first printed map of Middleborough, Massachusetts

A fine and very rare map depicting the human and natural geography of the ancient town of Middleborough, Massachusetts. The map provides an immensely detailed view of the town in the early 1800s, including its boundaries, road network, and features of the natural topography (with bodies of water shaded and distinct symbols for woodlands and […]

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R[ossiter?] Cotton, [Untitled outline map of Plymouth County, Massachusetts.] [Plymouth? ca. 1803?]

Early manuscript map of Plymouth County, Mass.

An early manuscript map of Plymouth County, Massachusetts, dating to ca. 1803 and likely in the hand of prominent physician and civil officer Rossiter Cotton (1758-1837). The map depicts town boundaries in watercolor, with roads and ponds both delineated, somewhat confusingly, by means of dotted lines. Tiny symbols indicate important public buildings, the most significant […]

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