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Ca 1788 Winthrop Sargent plan of Indian mounds at Marietta

Important 18th-century manuscript map of the Indian mounds at Marietta, Ohio… with intriguing connection to Spanish diplomacy in America

A remarkable late-1780s manuscript map of the monumental Indian mounds at the future site of Marietta, Ohio, the first American settlement north and west of the Ohio River. Signed by Winthrop Sargent and produced for presentation to Don Diego Gardoqui, Spanish Minister to the United States, the map hints at Spain’s schemes regarding the American […]

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Samuel Lewis’ landmark map of the Northwest Territory

A landmark map of the United States territory north and west of the Ohio River, with much valuable detail on the progress of Federal land sales, the extension of national boundaries at the expense of the native peoples, and accelerating settlement on the frontier.  Background After independence the public lands north and west of the […]

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