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Bruno / Imp. Paul Dupont, LIRE LA BASTILLE Journal Hebdomadaire Illustré ANTIMAÇONNIQUE [“Read La Bastille, the Illustrated Weekly Anti-Masonic Newspaper”]. Paris: [Paul] Copin-Albancelli, ND [but ca. 1906].

Octopus map reflecting French anti-Semitism at the turn of the 20th century

A spectacular albeit noxious French persuasive map using the octopus motif to promote anti-Semitism and anti-Freemasonry. As in other European nations, French anti-Semitism has a long history, most famously manifesting itself in the Dreyfus Affair of the 1890s and collaboration with Nazi deportation of Jews during the Second World War. In the public mind, Jews were […]

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Maurice Neumont / P.J. Gallais et Cie., Edit. Imp., En 1788 MIRABEAU disait deja : LA GUERRE est l’industrie Nationale de la PRUSSE [“Already in 1788 Mirabeau was saying: War is the national industry of Prussia.”] Paris, [1917.]

First World War propaganda map by Maurice Neumont, portraying Prussia as an octopus

A brilliantly-designed and brutally-effective First World War propaganda map by Maurice Neumont, comparing Germany to a monstrous octopus threatening Europe. Germany is shown in different shadings of red, indicating its numerous annexations of surrounding territory since 1740, the most recent being the 1871 seizure of Alsace-Lorraine during the Franco-Prussian War. Sprawled across Germany is a […]

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The Russian octopus reaches for the East

A rare anti-Russian propaganda map published in Japan during the Russo-Japanese War. The map was created by Kisaburo Ohara, a student at Keio University in Tokyo. Ohara cleverly adapted Frederick Rose’s Serio-Comic War Map (1877) by extending the geographic coverage—and Russia’s ambitions—to East and Southeast Asia. A massive Russian octopus extends its tentacles across much of […]

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[Dietrich Reimer, printer], FREIHEIT DER MEERE. [“Freedom of the Seas.”] [Berlin: Militärische Stelle des Auswärtigen Amtes, late 1918.]

German First World War propaganda map depicting Great Britain as an octopus

A scarce First World War propaganda map, Freiheit der Meere depicts Great Britain as an octopus extending its tentacles to embrace its far-flung empire. The poster has been attributed to a 1918 campaign overseen by the Militärische Stelle des Auswärtigen Amtes, a division of the German Foreign Office responsible for propaganda efforts and the censorship of wartime […]

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