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JOHNNY WITH HIS FRONT AND REAR GUARD. A Dialogue on the subject of the present War… [on sheet with:] BONA AND HIS LIFE GUARD. Father Abaddon… delivering a council of war to Napoleon… NP, ND, but American ca. 1808-1812.

A bizarre and spectacular broadside from the run-up to the War of 1812

A spectacular rarity from the run-up to the War of 1812, being two broadsides printed on a single sheet, one attacking Britain and the other Napoleon and both surmounted with large, bizarre and crudely-powerful woodcuts. During these years American relations with Britain and France were fraught in the extreme.  Locked in conflict, the two European […]

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Cartographic cartoon mocking Napoleon in defeat

A clever cartographic cartoon depicting Napoleon being borne off to exile by a double-headed eagle representing Prussia and/or Russia. Below him are a broken sword, a field strewn with corpses, and small maps of France, Germany, Italy and Spain representing his dismantled empire. In his right hand he clutches a small sheet of paper labeled “Elba,” […]

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Rare American atlas of the wars of the French Revolution and Napoleon

An unusual and very rare little atlas, reflecting ongoing American interest in the affairs of Europe in general and the Napoleonic Wars in particular. The seven folding maps include “Frontiers of Germany and Holland,” “Italy with the Alpine Frontiers,” “Map of Germany as Defined by the Peace of Paris… 1814,” “Egypt and Part of Syria,” “Spain […]

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Lovely cartographic needlework with imperial association

A double-hemisphere map of the world embroidered in silk and intended for presentation to Empress Josephine or her successor Marie Louise. The map is surmounted by a depiction of Apollo and his chariot (or possibly Phaeton at the moment of his fall), a cartouche below reads “Présente/A Sa Majesté /L’Impératrice Reine/A Rouen/[illegible] May 1810,” and the […]

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1813 political cartoon featuring the USS President

A fantastic political cartoon with strong War of 1812 content including the frigate USS President. The print mocks Britain’s many difficulties as it fought on many fronts against Napoleon and the United States, all the while hemorrhaging money in subsidies for its allies on the Continent. The image depicts John Bull, his wig awry, backed against a […]

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Hitting Napoleon while he was down

A striking political textile produced after Napoleon’s catastrophic retreat from Moscow, mocking the French emperor and cataloging his misdeeds. Within little more than a year, the so-called “Sixth Coalition” had captured Paris and exiled Napoleon to Elba. The central image is a stage on trestles-the “Stage of Europe”-whereon Napoleon is shown attacked from both sides […]

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A vicious anti-Napoleon broadside including an engraved cartographic satire and with text in Dutch, German, English and French.

A vicious anti-Napoleon broadside

A vicious anti-Napoleon broadside including an engraved cartographic satire and with text in Dutch, German, English and French. On his Persuasive Maps web site, PJ Mode offers a thorough description of a similar broadside, which differs in being English-only. “This is an English-language version of the “corpse-head” or “hieroglyphic” map, “the most widely-known of all the […]

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