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Lovely 1784 map of the United States by Brion de la Tour

A lovely old-color example of one of the earliest maps to name the United States, indicate its borders per the Treaty of Paris, and depict the Stars and Stripes. Per the subtitle, Brion de la Tour compiled the map from various English maps and other sources, as well as the boundaries set by the Treaty […]

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A seminal map of the Mississippi

The finest 18th-century map of the Mississippi River. The conclusion of the French and Indian War in 1763 left Great Britain in nominal control of essentially all of North America east of the Mississippi. However, dissatisfied with the policies of the British and perceiving their weakness on the ground, native tribes under Ottawa Chief Pontiac staged […]

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“A classic of the Mississippi Valley” (Reese)

A lovely copy of this essential first-hand account of the Mississippi Valley from immediately after the end of the French and Indian War. Pittman first came to the Mississippi Valley as a lieutenant in the British Army, soon after the Treaty of Paris was concluded in 1763. By his own account he spent “five years residence […]

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The first printed map of Natchez

This interesting little map is in fact the first printed image to provide any detail of the French settlement in the Natchez area on the east bank of the Mississippi River. Settlement in the area began in or around 1714 at a trading post in close proximity to Natchez Indian settlements, in particular the “Grand Village […]

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Dramatic Civil War bird’s-eye view of the Gulf Coast

A remarkable bird’s-eye depiction of the seat of civil war in the southeastern United States, centered on the Mississippi Delta and covering much of the western Gulf Coast. Drawn from an imaginary viewpoint far above the Gulf of Mexico, the view extends inland as far as Jackson, Vicksburg, Selma, Montgomery and Macon. Designed for an audience on the home front […]

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The Battle of New Orleans

A fine map of the New Orleans campaign of 1814-1815, which culminated in the Battle of New Orleans, marked the last major fighting of the War of 1812, and established Andrew Jackson as a national hero. Background The final British offensive of the War of 1812 took place in the Gulf of Mexico, where in late […]

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A highly important Illinois Country manuscript

A fascinating early 19th century manuscript map and merchant’s inventory from the Illinois Country. The map shows the area between the Mississippi and Kaskaskia rivers, from their confluence north to the approximate latitude of Edwardsville. This strategic region, which lies near where both the Missouri and the Ohio rivers enter the Mississippi, was originally settled by French Canadians […]

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Native American cartography on a map of the American West

Two extraordinary maps on one sheet, the one a very early example of native American cartography, the other a synthesis of two of the earliest surviving French manuscript maps of the upper Midwest & Great Plains. The upper map is a copy of a manuscript drawn by a French officer, which in turn was based […]

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