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[Archive of film location maps for distribution to cast and crew of dozens of films and TV shows.] Los Angeles area, 1983-1987.

Massive archive of Los Angeles-area film location maps

An enormous collection of 281 Los Angeles-area film location maps from the mid-1980s, distributed to cast and crew just in advance of their shoots. Ephemeral in the extreme, designed to be used for a few days at most and then discarded.  The archive represents a great swathe of mid-‘80s mainstream American film and TV culture, […]

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Designed by Frank Zappa M[others] O[f] I[nvention], FREAK OUT. Hot Spots! [Los Angeles]: Freak Out Productions, 1966.

Frank Zappa’s Freak Out. Hot Spots! map

Frank Zappa’s Freak Out. Hot Spots! pictorial map of Los Angeles, both a guide to the city’s nascent Freak scene and a pungent commentary on its police tactics. The map was a separately-published companion to Freak Out!, the debut album by Zappa and the Mothers of Invention and a love letter to an emerging “Freak” […]

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CALIFORNIA THE GREAT EDUCATOR. Los Angeles: Combes & O’Banion, 1913.

Rare pack of playing cards featuring 58 maps of California counties

Only the second known example—and the only complete–of this educational card game featuring maps of California counties. The game consists of a pack of 116 playing cards, two for each of California’s 58 counties, with each county represented by a map card and a statistical card. Each map card depicts the county’s major geographic features, […]

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