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J. Calvin Smith, MAP OF LONG ISLAND with the ENVIRONS OF NEW-YORK AND THE SOUTHERN PART OF CONNECTICUT, COMPILED FROM Various Surveys & Documents. New York: J.H. Colton & Co., 1856.

Smith and Colton’s spectacular map of Long Island

The largest, most significant, and most attractive map of Long Island, New York to be issued in the 19th century.  Embracing the entirety of Long Island, the map also takes in the Long Island Sound, New York City and adjacent New York counties, southern Connecticut and northeastern New Jersey. Topography is indicated by hachuring, residences […]

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Rare broadside plan of the Battle of Long Island

A rare separately-issued plan depicting a key battle of the American Revolution. Background Following the British evacuation of Boston and retreat to Halifax in March 1776, the Americans held tenuous control over the East Coast from Maine to Georgia. In truth, British mastery of the sea gave them the option to invade more or less […]

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