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VOTES FOR WOMEN A SUCCESS [:] NORTH AMERICA PROVES IT. New York: New York State Woman Suffrage Party, Sept., 1917.

Votes for Women a Success

A clever handbill arguing for the expansion of voting rights for women in the United States, using a clever persuasive map to highlight the expansion of suffrage across the states. By 1900 only four states (beginning with Wyoming in 1869) had granted women the vote, and the suffrage effort was flagging. But a new generation […]

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[On broadside:] THE ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH. / [on boards:] BACON’S CHART OF THE ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH… London: Bacon & Co., [Summer 1865?]  

Celebrating the Atlantic Telegraph

A terrific and very rare broadside, explaining and celebrating the technology of the Atlantic telegraph and the 1865 attempt to lay a second transatlantic Cable. After a number of failed attempts, in early August 1858 Cyrus Field’s Atlantic Telegraph Company succeeded in laying a cable between Ireland’s Valencia Bay and Trinity Bay in Newfoundland. The […]

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[John Binns], Some Account of the some of the Bloody Deeds OF GENERAL JACKSON. [Philadelphia, 1828.]

A rare variant “Coffin Handbill,” attacking Andrew Jackson

A vivid propaganda broadside attaching Andrew Jackson, published during the virulent presidential campaign of 1828. Background With the demise of the Federalist Party after the War of 1812, the Republicans almost inevitably began to fracture into “National” and “Radical” or “Old Republican” factions. The former advocated a more robust Federal government and attracted old Federalists […]

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JOHNNY WITH HIS FRONT AND REAR GUARD. A Dialogue on the subject of the present War… [on sheet with:] BONA AND HIS LIFE GUARD. Father Abaddon… delivering a council of war to Napoleon… NP, ND, but American ca. 1808-1812.

A bizarre and spectacular broadside from the run-up to the War of 1812

A spectacular rarity from the run-up to the War of 1812, being two broadsides printed on a single sheet, one attacking Britain and the other Napoleon. Both surmounted with large, bizarre and crudely-powerful woodcuts. During these years American relations with Britain and France were fraught in the extreme.  Locked in conflict, the two European powers sought […]

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P. Russell / H.C. Southwick, THE LINES ON THIS SHEET, Were composed by P. RUSSELL, while lying in IRONS, in the Moro Castle, who has been prevented from obtaining a LIVELIHOOD in the ordinary pursuits of Life, by WOUNDS received in BATTLE. New York, [1808-1820?]

A sailor’s woeful tale on a striking illustrated broadside

A remarkable and unrecorded record of an American sailor’s adventures during the Napoleonic Wars. The broadside tells the tale of one P. Russell, a sailor from Merrimac, New Hampshire who-if his tale is to be believed-suffered an incredible run of bad luck while in the merchant service. Within the space of a few years he was […]

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Rare broadside ad from the dawn of American rail travel

An early and very rare broadside advertisement promoting a Boston-Albany rail connection. The railroad craze came relatively early to Massachusetts. By the late 1820s a number of lines had been proposed, including the Boston & Worcester Railroad and a Western Railroad linking Worcester and Albany. Backers hoped the legislature would step in and fund the projects for the greater good. This […]

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Thematic map promoting Louisiana agriculture

This large, informative and surprisingly scarce broadside was an official document published by the Louisiana State Board of Agriculture and Immigration. The Board provided both regulation and technical support to the state’s agricultural sector while promoting its advantages to the rest of the country. For the decade beginning in 1896 its Commissioner was Jordan Gray Lee […]

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