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Anonymous, VIOLENT STORM. Boston, October 15, 1804. Boston, [late October] 1804.

The Snow Hurricane of 1804

An unrecorded variant of an extremely rare broadside recounting the remarkable snow hurricane of 1804. The 1804 storm raged in Boston from Tuesday, October 9-Thursday, October 11, and observers were shocked by both its high winds and early-season snow: “The 1804 Snow hurricane was the first tropical cyclone in recorded history known to produce snowfall. An […]

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Indian Ocean hurricane map, printed on Reunion Island

A fascinating and exceptionally rare broadside with a hurricane map depicting a February 1860 storm in the Indian Ocean, produced on Réunion by the island’s preeminent early printer. The map was compiled and the text written by Hilaire Bridet (1818-94).  Bridet entered the French Navy in 1834, became head the observatory on Réunion in 1857, and harbor master […]

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