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Revolution-era map of the Lake Champlain-Hudson River corridor

The first large-scale map of the region, and likely used to plan the disastrous 1777 campaign that culminated in the surrender of Burgoyne’s army at Saratoga. This lovely map depicts the Hudson River-Lake George-Lake Champlain corridor, during the Colonial era a key invasion route between Canada and the Northern Colonies. The major waterways and their […]

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A fine, early sea chart of New York and southern New England

This important work provides crucial information on eastern New York and southern New England. The main chart depicts the coast from Rensselaer Hook in New Jersey to roughly the “elbow” of Cape Cod, with extensive soundings and notations of shoals and other hazards. Much detail is given for Long Island Sound, Narragansett Bay and the waters […]

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West Point, Storm King and more

A spectacular map of great rarity, with only three other examples located. This huge map depicts the Hudson River towns of Cornwall and Highlands in great detail. Kirby employs hachuring to delineate the area’s interesting and varied topography, upon which are superimposed roads and rail lines, property boundaries and landowners’ names, plans of Cornwall Landing […]

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First state of the finest 18th-century map of New England

The first state of the pre-eminent 18th-century map of New England, eminently desirable for its geographic and political significance, tremendous visual appeal, and extreme rarity. Offered here in a superb example. Issued in 1755, Map of the Most Inhabited Part of New England was the largest-scale and most detailed and accurate portrait of New England to […]

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Major manuscript by an important surveyor of Colonial New York

An imposing manuscript by John Rutse Bleecker, an influential Albany surveyor with connections to leading American and British mapmakers of the Colonial era. The manuscript comprises three separate maps, depicting the Hudson Valley, land along Schoharie Creek, and the Seneca Country in western New York. John Rutse Bleecker (1713-1800) Bleecker was a scion of a […]

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One of the best early maps of the Hudson River, with the original slipcase.

This lovely large-scale map depicts the Hudson River-Lake George-Lake Champlain corridor, the key invasion route between Canada and the Middle Colonies during the Colonial era. The major waterways and their tributaries are shown in great detail, including depth soundings as far North as Albany and navigational hazards on Lake Champlain. Hachuring is indicates elevations along […]

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Revolutionary-War manuscript plan of West Point

A detailed manuscript plan of the Revolutionary-era fortifications at West Point.  The plan was drawn in 1779, almost certainly by an American soldier, and has descended for two centuries in the family of a Continental Army veteran.  Revolutionary-War manuscript maps and plans are extremely uncommon on the market, and this one is all the more […]

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The Gastaldi – Ramusio Nuova Francia

The scarce first edition of La Nuova Francia, the first map to focus on New England and northeastern North America and to name “New France.” This remarkable map was compiled by Giacomo Gastaldi for Giovanni Ramusio’s Navigationi et Viaggi, the third volume of which focused on American explorations. It reflects Gastaldi’s attempt to synthesize information […]

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John Klein 1818 map of Troy New York

The first printed map of Troy New York

An all-but unrecorded 1818 plan of the Hudson Valley city of Troy New York, on the eve of the great boom brought on by the construction of the Erie Canal.   First laid out in 1787 and chartered as a city in 1816, Troy benefited from its location at the confluence of the Mohawk and […]

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