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H[enry] F[rancis] Walling / A. Kollner’s Lithography, Phila[Delphia], Map of the TOWN of LEXINGTON MIDDLESEX COUNTY MASS. SURVEYED BY ORDER OF THE TOWN by H.F. Walling, Civil Engineer 81 Washington St. Boston. [Lexington?], 1853.

Rare 1853 plan of Lexington, Massachusetts by Henry F. Walling

A rare, attractive and terrifically informative 1853 map of Lexington, Massachusetts by Henry Frances Walling, arguably the preeminent American commercial mapmaker in the mid-19th century.  This very rare map depicts Lexington at a terrific level of detail for the time. On the main map, Walling the length and bearing of each of the town’s boundary […]

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H.F. Walling, Civil Engineer / A. Kollner’s Lithography, MAP of the Towns of GLOUCESTER AND ROCKPORT ESSEX CO. MASSACHUSETTS. [Boston?]: John Hanson, 1851.

Rare and attractive map of Rockport and Gloucester by H.F. Walling

An attractive, unusual and quite rare wall map of Rockport and Gloucester, Massachusetts by Henry Frances Walling. Prior to 1851 the only published map to depict Cape Ann in any detail was John Mason’s 1831 Map of Gloucester, Cape Ann. That map was itself a breakthrough, but it is far outstripped by the map offered […]

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