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“Sylvanus Urban” [aka, Edward Cave], editor, The Gentleman’s Magazine for February, 1772. London: Printed for D. Henry, [March, 1772].

An ambitious 1772 plan for a British settlement on the Mississippi

The Gentleman’s Magazine for February 1772, complete with the original front wrap and the interesting folding map of West Florida to accompany the text “Proposal for a new Settlement on the Borders of the Missisippi in West Florida”. The map depicts most of the Province of West Florida, acquired by the British from Spain through […]

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NA, A New and Correct PLAN of the TOWN of BOSTON. London, October-November 1775

Revolutionary-era plan of Boston from the Gentleman’s Magazine

A detailed plan of Boston published in 1775 in the Gentleman’s Magazine and showing streets and street names, landmarks such as the Liberty Tree and Long Wharf, and numerous  fortifications. Charlestown, destroyed during the June 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill, is shown “in Ruins.” The then-geography of the city is striking. At the time, the city […]

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