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“Das Kriegs Spiel:” an early military card game

Published around 1700, this Kriegs Spiel, or “The War Game,” is a scarce and attractive sheet of playing cards designed to educate young people in the elements of conducting a military campaign. The sheet comprises 53 engraved panels numbered sequentially. All but one is a playing card using the French suits, each bearing an illustration of a military maneuver or fortification […]

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Odo Staab, [Didactic manuscript map of Europe.] [Germany], 1813.

A remarkable work of educational folk art

A unique and utterly charming early 19th-century manuscript visual compendium, combining cartography and natural history and most likely executed for classroom or tutorial use.  The composition features a central map of Europe, likely based on one from Johannes Walch’s Allgemeiner Atlas, first issued in 1803.  The map is surrounded by a plethora of finely-detailed vignettes: portraits […]

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Mary H. L. Craig, A map of the United States drawn by Mary H. L. Craig at the Domestic Academy. [Washington County, Kentucky, ca. 1813-14.]

Patriotic schoolgirl map drawn in early 19th-century Kentucky

A most unusual patriotic manuscript map by an American schoolgirl remarkable for its Kentucky origins, interesting subject matter, pleasing design, relatively good condition, and superb provenance. “School” maps are frequently encountered on the antiquarian market; indeed, we have handled perhaps two dozen in the past decade. However, the vast majority of surviving examples were produced […]

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Charles Craig, A MAP of KENTUCKY BY CHARLES CRAIG. [Kentucky, ca. 1800.]

Schoolboy manuscript map of Kentucky, drawn on the frontier

A schoolboy map of Kentucky, remarkable for its size, excellent detail, Kentucky origins and superb provenance. “School” maps are frequently encountered on the antiquarian market; indeed, we have handled perhaps two dozen in the past decade. However, the vast majority of surviving examples were produced in New England, New York and Pennsylvania, and it is […]

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Dodd, RAMBLES THROUGH OUR COUNTRY. AN INSTRUCTIVE GEOGRAPHICAL GAME FOR THE YOUNG. Hartford: American Publishing Company, 1881 or a bit later.

Rambles Through Our Country … a spectacular pictorial map of the United States

An early and spectacular example of American pictorial mapping, Rambles through Our Country is a simple educational game requiring players to complete a “grand tour” of the United States. The game is played on a board featuring a spectacular chromolithographic map of the United States. The map bears 200 numbered stations beginning with Hartford—where the […]

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Genevieve Foster, A TIME CHART [:] from the first date on the calendar of Egypt to the birth of the United States of America. Chicago: Denoyer-Geppert Company, 1953.

A scarce and unusual chart of world history by artist Genevieve Foster

A rare and visually striking chronological chart of world history, attempting to show the parallel development of, and interactions between, the great empires of Europe, Africa and Western and Central Asia. Like many such efforts, it presents the United States as the culmination and high point of “the story of freedom,” while giving short shrift […]

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Soren Eliasen Holm's SAMLING af 50 smaae Landkort i Traesnit

Rare Danish world atlas

The “Samling af 50 smaae Landkort,” a charming 1829 Danish-language school atlas compiled and published by a troubled educator. The atlas includes a double-sheet map of the world and 49 single-sheet maps of the continents; European countries, Russia and Turkey; and Danish regions, all in early outline color (The title calls for 50 maps, counting […]

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Jeu des Explorateurs game published by Charles Watilliaux in 1898

Rare geographic game by Charles Watilliaux

A very rare and educational geographic game by prolific publisher Charles Watilliaux inspired by Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days. With very high production values and remarkably complete and well preserved. The game consists of eight itineraries for voyages around the world, the first of which replicates that of Verne’s novel. All start […]

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