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“Das Kriegs Spiel:” an early military card game

Published around 1700, this Kriegs Spiel, or “The War Game,” is a scarce and attractive sheet of playing cards designed to educate young people in the elements of conducting a military campaign. The sheet comprises 53 engraved panels numbered sequentially. All but one is a playing card using the French suits, each bearing an illustration of a military maneuver or fortification […]

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Soren Eliasen Holm's SAMLING af 50 smaae Landkort i Traesnit

Rare Danish world atlas

The “Samling af 50 smaae Landkort,” a charming 1829 Danish-language school atlas compiled and published by a troubled educator. The atlas includes a double-sheet map of the world and 49 single-sheet maps of the continents; European countries, Russia and Turkey; and Danish regions, all in early outline color (The title calls for 50 maps, counting […]

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1669 geographic playing cards by Pierre du Val

Uncut sheet of 17th-century geographic playing cards

A complete and uncut sheet of 17th-century geographic playing cards published in Paris by Pierre du Val likely for educational use. The game includes 52 cards arranged in the usual four suits, each dedicated to a continent: hearts to Europe, diamonds to Asia, spades to Africa, and clubs to the Americas. Each card features a […]

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Clara O’Neil, [Hand-drawn physical atlas including 27 maps and plans and 18 astronomical and geological diagrams.] St. Leonards-on-Sea (Hastings), East Sussex, England, 1876.

Superb manuscript physical atlas, by a British convent student

An especially lovely 19th-century manuscript physical atlas by a young woman at an English convent school, strikingly detailed and rendered with precision and sensitivity in the choice of watercolors. In the 19th century map copying was an important educational method at the primary level, seen as valuable both for the development of geographic knowledge as well […]

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Odo Staab, [Didactic manuscript map of Europe.] [Germany], 1813.

A remarkable work of educational folk art

A unique and utterly charming early 19th-century manuscript visual compendium, combining cartography and natural history and most likely executed for classroom or tutorial use.  The composition features a central map of Europe, likely based on one from Johannes Walch’s Allgemeiner Atlas, first issued in 1803.  The map is surrounded by a plethora of finely-detailed vignettes: portraits […]

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A 17th-century military card game

An early, attractive, and scarce sheet of playing cards designed for military education. The sheet comprises 53 engraved panels numbered sequentially. All but one panel is a playing card using the French suits, each bearing an illustration of a military maneuver or fortification element along with a brief explanatory text. Along the top of the […]

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A remarkable magnetic-geographic game

A clever and extraordinarily rare geographic question-and-answer game. My descriptive abilities really cannot do justice to the elegant simplicity of this game, but here goes… The game is played on a board featuring five concentric rings, each a different color, bearing the answers to a unique set of 12 geography answers around its circumference, and matched […]

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Unrecorded set of geographical playing cards

A rare American history card game for children. The deck consists of an explanation card, 11 cards representing the Presidents, and 28 representing the states of the Union. The Presidential cards are illustrated with portraits and the state cards with state seals. Facts relating to the subject at hand are printed on each card. The game […]

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Rare geographical card game

A very rare geographical card game featuring cartographic playing cards representing each of the states and territories. The game involves 52 cards, divided into Eastern, Southern, Middle and Western sections, each including twelve state/territory cards plus a city card. Each state card features an outline map depicting rivers, major bodies of water, and the capital, along with […]

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Rare and attractive 18th-century naval game

An attractive and very rare playing board for a game designed to teach basic naval terminology. This is a later edition, newly engraved, of a game first issued around 1719 to educate French youth in naval terminology and engage their interest in naval service. The striking engraved playing board is adapted from the Game of […]

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