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1913 George Ring Great Dayton Flood

The Great Dayton Flood of 1913

A striking and extremely rare 1913 chromolithographic view of the Great Dayton Flood during which water and fire laid waste to much of downtown Dayton, Ohio. The worst natural disaster in Ohio history, the Great Dayton Flood was caused by a series of heavy rainstorms in March 1913. After several days of rain, on March […]

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Mr. Radiation, NRC TOURS presents… THREE MILE ISLAND VACATION PACKAGE. Mechanicsburg, PA: Mr. Radiation Products[!], 1979.

A send-up of the Three Mile Island disaster

An unrecorded poster by “Mr. Radiation”, sending up the 1979 accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant. The worst nuclear accident in American history began at 4 a.m. on March 28, 1979 at the Three Mile Island (TMI) plant near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. A routine maintenance procedure led to a stuck coolant valve, and […]

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Anonymous, VIOLENT STORM. Boston, October 15, 1804. Boston, [late October] 1804.

The Snow Hurricane of 1804

An unrecorded variant of an extremely rare broadside recounting the remarkable snow hurricane of 1804. The 1804 storm raged in Boston from Tuesday, October 9-Thursday, October 11, and observers were shocked by both its high winds and early-season snow: “The 1804 Snow hurricane was the first tropical cyclone in recorded history known to produce snowfall. An […]

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Gordon-Michael Scallion, Gordon-Michael Scallion’s FUTURE MAP OF THE WORLD. Chesterfield, NH: The Matrix Institute, 1996.

Gordon-Michael Scallion predicts The Great Tribulation, the Blue-Ray Children, and more

A 1996 imaginary map of the Earth after “The Tribulation”, as predicted by futurist, spiritualist and self-styled prophet Gordon-Michael Scallion (1942-?) This mammoth world map summarizes Scallion’s predictions and depicts their impact cartographically. The anticipated mayhem is predicted to begin with three “shifts” in the magnetic poles, each of six to eight degrees, expected to […]

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Indian Ocean hurricane map, printed on Reunion Island

A fascinating and exceptionally rare broadside with a hurricane map depicting a February 1860 storm in the Indian Ocean, produced on Réunion by the island’s preeminent early printer. The map was compiled and the text written by Hilaire Bridet (1818-94).  Bridet entered the French Navy in 1834, became head the observatory on Réunion in 1857, and harbor master […]

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[ St. Louis Fire ] Drawn by L[eopold] Gast / Jul[iu]s Hutawa Lithr, View of the City of ST. LOUIS, MO. : The great Fire of the City on the 17th and 18th of May. 1849. St. Louis: Julius Hutawa, June 1849.

Dramatic map and view of the 1849 St. Louis Fire

A dramatic, informative and very rare image of the 1849 St. Louis Fire, rushed into print within days or weeks of the catastrophe. Background In 1849 St. Louis, Missouri was a booming city of some 63,000, benefitting from its role as a major Mississippi River port and as the last major city where settlers and gold […]

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Unrecorded blueprint plan of the 1940 Sonman Mine disaster

Remarkably detailed cyanotype (blueprint) plan of the Sonman Mine disaster in Portage Township, Pennsylvania some 80 miles east of Pittsburgh. 1940 saw a series of horrific disasters in Appalachian Coal Country: On January 10, 91 miners died in an explosion in Bartley, West Virginia, and on March 16 another 72 at a mine in Neffs, […]

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Dramatic view of the burning of Washington, DC during the War of 1812

A dramatic image of the British capture and burning of Washington, D.C. during the War of 1812. Only the second known impression, and the only one in private hands. Background Though the British had declared a blockade of the mid-Atlantic coast early in the War of 1812, most of the first two years’ fighting took place […]

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650th Engineer Topographic Battalion, HIROSHIMA [:] EMERGENCY EDITION AFPAC SHEET 4550-II. [Japan], September 1945.

The first printed map of the destruction of Hiroshima?

Unrecorded map of the damage from the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, produced by the U.S. Sixth Army in September 1945 and likely the first printed map to document the city’s devastation. In the late Spring of 1945 Hiroshima was chosen as the target for the first combat use of an atomic bomb. It was one […]

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