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[Lieutenant George Walker Dyall Jones?], A View and Plan of Mud Island on the Delaware. NP, [but Philadelphia late 1777-early 1778?]

Revolutionary-war manuscript plan of Fort Mifflin on the Delaware River

Finely-executed Revolutionary War manuscript plan and view of Fort Mifflin on Mud Island on the Delaware River, with one of the earliest-known images of an American flag. Almost certainly produced by an engineer serving in William Howe’s army during the 1777 Philadelphia campaign, which ended with the reduction of Fort Mifflin after a terrible six-week siege. […]

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1796 Charles Varle plan of Philadelphia

Charles Varlé plan of Philadelphia (1796)

First edition of a important and very rare Federal-era plan of Philadelphia published by Charles Varlé in or around 1796. When Varlé issued this plan Philadelphia was still the capital of the United States, pending the transfer to Washington, D.C. in 1800. It was the 2nd-largest city in the country with a vibrant and diversified […]

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