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[Probably Co. B, 660th Engrs. USA], FRANCE 1:25,000 [:] DEFENCES [:] QUETTEHOU [:] Sheet No. 31/20 N.E. [:] [:] Information as at May 44. [England,] May 1944.

Rare top-secret map of Quettehou, France, prepared for the Normandy Campaign

A very rare “Top Secret” map depicting the environs of Quettehou on the strategic Cotentin Peninsula, issued in May 1944, just weeks before the D-Day landings. This remarkable map depicts a roughly nine-by-six-mile area around Quettehou, a village on the east coast of the Cotentin Peninsula, just 15 miles north of Utah Beach and less […]

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[Utah Beach] [Untitled photomosaic map of beach on the east side of the Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy, remembered today as “Utah Beach.” No place, no date, but prob. England, early 1944.]

Rare “BIGOT”-rated planning map for the D-Day landing at Utah Beach

A rare photomosaic map prepared for the D-Day landing at Utah Beach, bearing the very rare and ultra-secret “BIGOT” classification. With provenance to the aide-de-camp to U.S. Army Major General Harold W. Blakely (1893-1966), commander of the 4th Infantry Division during Operation Overlord. The original plan for Operation Overlord called for three Allied divisions to […]

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UTAH BEACH… TOP SECRET BIGOT. [England], April 1944.

Rare “BIGOT”-rated photomosaic planning map for the D-Day landing at Utah Beach

A rare composite photographic map prepared for the D-Day landing at Utah Beach. From the Neptune Monograph, the definitive briefing book issued to senior American officers in preparation for the landings, and bearing the ultra-secret “BIGOT” classification. “… nothing was more secret—or more vital to Operation Neptune—than the mosaic of Allied intelligence reports that cartographers […]

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