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Rare view of 18th-century Boston

A rare, early view of Boston, unusual for being one of very few 18th-century views of the town printed in America. This charming view of Boston is taken from the vantage point of Castle William across the Harbor to the southeast. It was issued in the December 1787 number of The Columbian Magazine, and is […]

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BRM2452 Columbian Mag Harvard

The first obtainable print of Harvard

A scarce and appealing 18th-century view of Harvard and “the earliest engraving of the College which one may reasonably hope to obtain.” (Bail) The view is taken from a point in front of the present-day Johnston Gate on Massachusetts Avenue across from Cambridge Common. It shows the three College buildings as they appeared in 1726, from […]

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BRM1574 Thackara_Vallance small DC 1792

“The first known publication of the Andrew Ellicott survey of Washington” (Wheat & Brun)

Fine, separately-issued example of Thackara & Valance’s small-scale edition of Ellicott’s plan of Washington, D.C., the first published plan of the nation’s capital. Due to the vicissitudes of war and sectional politics, the site of the American capital remained unsettled for years after independence, and before 1790 Congress met variously at Philadelphia, Lancaster and York, […]

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