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Chart of South Carolina-Georgia coast, rushed into print for the Civil War?

A trove of information, this chart includes immensely detailed soundings; navigational hazards; navigational aids such as lighthouses and light ships; and sailing directions. Also provided is detailed topographical and cartographical information on the adjacent coastal regions, at times extending well inland. An earlier version of this chart printed on thin paper were bound in the Report […]

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Coast Survey chart of the Pacific Northwest annotated by George Davidson

George Davidson tracks the West Coast voyage of Sebastian Vizcaino

Coast Survey chart of the Northern California and Oregon Coast, heavily annotated by George Davidson in his effort to reconstruct the 1603 voyages of Vizcaino and Aguilar. Born in England, George Davidson (1825-1911) emigrated to the United States in 1832. After graduating from Girard College in Philadelphia, in 1845 he began a five-decade career with […]

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1860 William Kitchell Topographcical Map of the State of New Jersey

Monumental map of New Jersey by William Kitchell

The second official map of New Jersey, compiled by William Kitchell to replace Thomas Gordon’s map of 1828. A spectacular, important and surprisingly scarce piece, not described in the cartographic literature until John Delaney’s Nova Caesaria (2014). State Geologist William Kitchell oversaw the compilation of the map from the finest available sources, in particular the findings of […]

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A major manuscript map of the southern Virginia Peninsula

  A heretofore unknown, highly detailed manuscript map of the southern Virginia peninsula, evidently produced at the conclusion of the Peninsula Campaign. Pasted to the map are eight watercolors and pen and ink sketches by the mapmaker, four of which he has signed. In light of its high quality of execution and wealth of topographical, cultural and […]

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Boschke’s rare & important wall map of the nation’s capital

The most impressive map of antebellum Washington, D.C. Albert Boschke (1823-1910) was a German-born civil engineer who worked for the U.S. Coast Survey from around 1850 through the end of the Civil War. He served as both a draughtsman and field surveyor, held positions of increasing responsibility, and made valuable contributions to the charting of the harbors […]

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1845 map of New York and New Haven Railroad

1845 map of the New York and New Haven Railroad… 10 feet long!

A monumental 1845 map depicting the route of the New York and New Haven Railroad, one of the oldest and busiest in the United States. Background Chartered in 1844 and opened in early 1849, the New York and New Haven completed the first direct all-rail route between New York and Boston. “In the early days […]

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1838 William Mitchell Map of the Island of Nantucket

Rare map of the Island of Nantucket by William Mitchell

Rare map of Nantucket by William Mitchell, described by Crosby as “the first large size map of local origin and of considerable accuracy” and one of the most sought-after maps of the island. Drawn by Nantucket astronomer and mathematician William Mitchell (1791-1868), the map depicts the island’s complex coastline, major topographical features, roads, and residences. […]

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