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Rare map of Roxbury, Mass.

A very rare, separately-issued map of Roxbury, Mass. Annexed to Boston in 1868, the town included the present-day neighborhoods of Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Roxbury and West Roxbury. Whitney’s map provides a detailed view of the natural and human geography of mid 19th-century Roxbury. Symbols and differential shading are employed to differentiate features of the […]

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J.H. Millar of the firm Bryan & Millar, Panora, Guthrie Co., Iowa (mapmaker) / G.H. Yewel (illustrator) / Cook, Sargent & Downey (publishers) / W. Schuchman, 3d St. Pittsburgh (lithographer), IOWA CITY AND ITS ENVIRONS. Iowa City: Cook, Sargent & Downey, 1854.

1854 wall map promoting Iowa City

A rare, detailed and attractive 1854 wall map of Iowa City produced as a promotional piece on behalf of local real estate investors. The territorial legislature of Iowa established Iowa City in 1839. The city was surveyed and platted later that year, and in 1841 the territorial capital shifted there from Burlington. Following Iowa’s accession […]

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Ca. 1901 promotional plan of the Piedmont development in Portland Oregon

Rare real estate maps of Portland Oregon

A very rare promotional plan for part of the Piedmont development in Portland, Oregon, backed by a large plan of the city. I quote extensively from the web site of the Piedmont Neighborhood Association: “The Piedmont subdivision was platted in 1889 by Edward Quackenbush and promoted in an early flyer as “The Emerald, Portland’s Evergreen […]

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[Byron Kilbourn and Increase Lapham] / Engraved by W[illiam] Haviland, Cincinnati, CITY OF MILWAUKEE. NP, ND, but 1836.

The first printed plan of Milwaukee Wisconsin

An important American map, being the first printed plan of Milwaukee Wisconsin executed by early settlers Byron Kilbourn and Increase Lapham in 1835-36. The plan is a wonderful rarity whose story is intertwined with the founding and early controversies of the city. The plan depicts the future city extending for perhaps 1 ½ miles along […]

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Early map of Concord, New Hampshire

Executed at ½ mile to the inch, this map shows Concord’s major topographical features, street layout, with distances from the city center marked off at regular intervals. The locations of dwellings are shown, a legend at lower left identifies 20 public buildings and churches, and tiny symbols indicate cemeteries and the sites of garrisons erected […]

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NA, A New and Correct PLAN of the TOWN of BOSTON. London, October-November 1775

Revolutionary War plan of Boston from the Gentleman’s Magazine

A detailed plan of Boston published in 1775 in the Gentleman’s Magazine and showing streets and street names, landmarks such as the Liberty Tree and Long Wharf, and numerous  fortifications. Charlestown, destroyed during the June 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill, is shown “in Ruins.” The then-geography of the city is striking. At the time, the city […]

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Drawn under the direction of John A[dams] Paxton by Wm. Strickland / W. Harrison Sct. / Printed by C.P. Harrison, TO The Citizens of Philadelphia This New Plan of the City and its ENVIRONS, Taken from Actual Survey Is Respectfully Dedicated by their Humble Servt. John A. Paxton. Philadelphia: John A. Paxton, [1810].

Scarce 1811 map of Philadelphia from Paxton’s Stranger’s Guide

A scarce plan of Philadelphia, originally issued in John Adems Paxton’s (The Stranger’s Guide.) An Alphabetical List of all the Wards, Streets, Roads, Lanes, Alleys, Avenues, Courts, Wharves, Ship Yards, Public Buildings &c. in the City and Suburbs of Philadelphia.  This plan depicts the city in considerable detail, with streets, important buildings, parks &c numerically […]

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A New and Accurate PLAN of the TOWN of BOSTON, in NEW ENGLAND. [on sheet with:] A New PLAN of BOSTON HARBOR, from an Actual SURVEY. [London: John Hinton, May 1774]

Boston on the brink of Revolution, from The Universal Magazine

Detailed plan of Boston and a chart of Boston Harbor, issued during the runup to the American Revolution. The plan shows the street plan and street names, landmarks such as Boston Common (with the Powder House and Liberty Tree), the Mill Dam and Long Wharf, and several batteries and fortifications ringing the town. The plan […]

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