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Early map of Concord, New Hampshire

Executed at ½ mile to the inch, this map shows Concord’s major topographical features, street layout, with distances from the city center marked off at regular intervals. The locations of dwellings are shown, a legend at lower left identifies 20 public buildings and churches, and tiny symbols indicate cemeteries and the sites of garrisons erected […]

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1848 map of Charlestown Massachusetts by Felton & Parker and Barker

Felton & Parker map of Charlestown Massachusetts in 1848

A rare, interesting and accomplished map of Charlestown Massachusetts in 1848, produced by two men who were to become major figures in the American railroad sector. The map depicts Charlestown in its entirety, as well as parts of nearby Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Malden, Chelsea and East Boston. It shows of course the street layout and […]

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A rare and important plan of New Orleans by Henry Moellhausen

A rare and interesting plan of New Orleans, Louisiana, one of only a handful issued in the first half of the 19th century. The plan depicts New Orleans in considerable detail, including the boundaries of the municipalities and wards, the street plan and block numbers, canals and rail lines, and the footprints of dozens of […]

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J[ames] C[harles] Sidney / Printed by F. Kuhl, C.E., PLAN of the City of NEW LONDON NEW LONDON COUNTY CONNECTICUT. From original Surveys by J.C. Sidney, C.E. Philadelphia: Collins & Clark, 1850.

1850 wall map of New London, Connecticut

An attractive, informative and very rare 1850 plan of New London, Connecticut, situated on Long Island Sound at the mouth of the Thames River. First settled in 1646, its excellent deep water harbor made it a natural hub of commerce and, during wartime, a base for naval operations, and by the early 19th century it […]

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Colossal and unrecorded wall map of Dallas, Texas

A colossal and unrecorded wall map of Dallas Texas, issued at a seminal moment in the development of the modern city. Dallas was one of the great American boom towns of the late 19th century, developing rapidly from a small frontier outpost into Texas’ most dynamic city. This map was issued in 1911, shortly after […]

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A rare map of Somerville, Mass.

A rare map of an important Massachusetts city. A richly- detailed map of Somerville, Mass., depicting its boundaries, street plan, and the locations of both major structures and private dwellings. Parts of the surrounding towns of Cambridge, Charlestown, Malden and Medford are also shown, albeit in more schematic form. Several businesses are named on the […]

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Rare map of Roxbury, Mass.

A very rare, separately-issued map of Roxbury, Mass. Annexed to Boston in 1868, the town included the present-day neighborhoods of Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Roxbury and West Roxbury. Whitney’s map provides a detailed view of the natural and human geography of mid 19th-century Roxbury. Symbols and differential shading are employed to differentiate features of the […]

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[Charles Blaskowitz], A PLAN of the TOWN OF NEWPORT in the Province of Rhode Island. London: J.F.W. Des Barres, April 24, 1776.

Charles Blaskowitz plan of Newport, Rhode Island from The Atlantic Neptune

The earliest printed plan of Newport, Rhode Island, published for the use of British forces just months before they occupied the town in December 1776. Based on surveys by Charles Blaskowitz, one of the finest surveyors in the British military, it is also arguably the most appealing plan of Newport ever issued: The overall layout, […]

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Osgood Carleton 1796 plan of Boston

1796 plan of Boston by Osgood Carleton

A rare and detailed plan of Boston by Osgood Carleton, taken from the 1796 second edition of John West’s Boston Directory. This plan’s relatively large scale enables it to depict Boston in greater detail than any map of the town since before the American Revolution. The street layout is shown and all streets named, as […]

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