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Vibrant 1882 chromo of Boston’s New England Fair building

A lovely chromolithographic view of the so-called New England Fair, the exhibition building of the New England Manufacturers and Mechanics Institute. Extremely rare in any form, but particularly unusual for being a publisher’s mockup, with extensive material in manuscript. In 1881 the building was the site of the first exhibition of the Institute, which organization […]

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George H. Walker 1903 Lake Winnipesaukee

Birds-eye view of Lake Winnipesaukee

A lovely example of this well-known 1903 bird’s-eye view of Lake Winnipesaukee, unusual for being in vibrant chromolithographic color on heavy paper. By 1903 the Lakes and White Mountain regions of New Hampshire had become major tourist destinations, with a well-developed network of rail links and hotels. Accompanying this development was a rich literature and […]

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1906 Maine Central Railroad view of Casco Bay

Promotional view of Casco Bay published by the Maine Central Railroad

A fine example of this well-known chromolithographic bird’s-eye view of Casco Bay and Portland, Maine, lithographed for the Maine Central Railroad by George H. Walker. Established through merger in 1862, by the early 20th century the Maine Central Railroad dominated its market, with lines throughout the state and neighboring New Hampshire. It commissioned this lovely […]

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A spectacular promotional bird’s-eye view of Mount Washington and the White Mountains, issued by the Boston & Maine Railroad.

Iconic bird’s eye view of Mount Washington

A spectacular promotional bird’s-eye view of Mount Washington and the White Mountains, issued by the Boston & Maine Railroad. By the early 20th century the Lakes and White Mountain regions of New Hampshire were major tourist destinations, with a well-developed network of hotels and resort towns and villages. With the proliferation of the automobile some […]

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Dodd, RAMBLES THROUGH OUR COUNTRY. AN INSTRUCTIVE GEOGRAPHICAL GAME FOR THE YOUNG. Hartford: American Publishing Company, 1881 or a bit later.

Rambles Through Our Country … a spectacular pictorial map of the United States

An early and spectacular example of American pictorial mapping, Rambles through Our Country is a simple educational game requiring players to complete a “grand tour” of the United States. The game is played on a board featuring a spectacular chromolithographic map of the United States. The map bears 200 numbered stations beginning with Hartford—where the […]

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1913 George Ring Great Dayton Flood

The Great Dayton Flood of 1913

A striking and extremely rare 1913 chromolithographic view of the Great Dayton Flood during which water and fire laid waste to much of downtown Dayton, Ohio. The worst natural disaster in Ohio history, the Great Dayton Flood was caused by a series of heavy rainstorms in March 1913. After several days of rain, on March […]

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Suite of chromos documenting the cutting down of Beacon Hill

With their focus on the epic process of filling in Boston’s many coves and inlets, most discussions of the history of the city’s topographical history are, literally speaking, two dimensional. Often neglected is the tale of the city’s vertical diminishment through the cutting down of the three-peaked ridge (the “Tremontane”) that once bisected the Shawmut […]

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Chromo advertising view of the Centlivre Brewery

A beautiful chromolithographic view of the Centilivre Brewing Co., founded in 1862 along the St. Joseph River in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This view shows the enormous brewery and its satellite buildings, including the Victorian-style offices, storage building, stables and wagon shed, and at far center left what appears to be the Centlivre residence. The view […]

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Stunning chromo broadside for the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad

A spectacular and very rare display broadside, touting the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific line and its connections with the newly-completed transcontinental railroad. The Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Railroad was formed in 1866 through the merger of the Chicago & Rock Island and Mississippi & Missouri Railroads. Just three years later the Union Pacific and […]

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