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An American debacle at Charleston

A fine example of Banastre Tarleton’s plan of the Siege of Charlestown, one of the greatest American setbacks of the Revolution. Offered here on excellent, heavy paper with very wide margins. The siege This map depicts in great detail the siege of Charleston, conducted by the British forces in early 1780 at the beginning of […]

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The HARBOUR of CHARLES TOWN in South-Carolina from the Surveys of Sr. Jas. Wallace Captn. In his Majestys Navy & Others, with A VIEW of the TOWN from the SOUTH SHORE of Ashley River. London: J.F.W. Des Barres, Esqr., Nov. 1, 1777.

Chart of Charleston, South Carolina from The Atlantic Neptune

Spectacular Revolutionary-era chart of the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina, likely compiled from Colonial-era surveys and British reconnaissance just before the 1776 Battle of Sullivan’s Island. Published in the Atlantic Neptune, it was for its time by far the finest printed chart of the area. Blessed by a large, sheltered harbor and proximity to the […]

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Fort Wagner and the Charleston Harbor campaign, 1863

An important U.S. Coast Survey chart of Charleston Harbor, first issued in 1858 and updated during the Civil War. This extremely rare, separately-issued variant is overprinted to show the tactical situation around Charleston after the Union capture of Fort Wagner in September 1863. The base chart depicts the entrance to the harbor from offshore and locates Kiawah […]

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Rare and detailed 1844 plan of Charleston South Carolina

Rare 1844 plan of Charleston South Carolina

An extremely rare antebellum plan of Charleston South Carolina, engraved and printed in the city. This 1844 plan by Charleston engraver William Keenan depicts the city during a period of rapid development, with the population growing from some 29,000 in 1840 to nearly 43,000 in 1850. It depicts the street plan as well as the […]

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