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Willem Blaeu 1634 Insulae Americanae

Blaeu’s 1634 Insulae Americanae – extracted from his West Indische Paskaert

An important, rare and very unusual map of North America and the Caribbean, extracted by Blaeu from his landmark West Indische Paskaert to meet a publishing deadline. The Insulae Americanae depicts eastern North America, much of Central America, part of Latin America, and the islands of the Caribbean. The brightly-painted arms of the Netherlands, England […]

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Samuel Champlain chart of Stage Harbor in Chatham, Mass.

A remarkable chart by Samuel Champlain, being one of the first of North America and one of the earliest visual records of the European encounter with the native peoples of New England. The chart was drawn form personal observations by Samuel Champlain, the visionary sailor, soldier, explorer, diplomat, mapmaker and founder of New France. “From 1604 to 1607 […]

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A Northeast map “of great importance” (Burden)

One of the finest early maps of the Northeast and a crucial document of England’s early attempts at colonization. Background In 1606 James I chartered the London (South Virigina) and the Plymouth (North Virginia) Companies, assigning them the rights and responsibilities for settling vast territories along the East Coast of North America. The London Company […]

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