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Soren Eliasen Holm's SAMLING af 50 smaae Landkort i Traesnit

Rare Danish world atlas

The “Samling af 50 smaae Landkort,” a charming 1829 Danish-language school atlas compiled and published by a troubled educator. The atlas includes a double-sheet map of the world and 49 single-sheet maps of the continents; European countries, Russia and Turkey; and Danish regions, all in early outline color (The title calls for 50 maps, counting […]

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Matthew Carey Atlas Minimus Philadelphia 1798

Matthew Carey’s Philadelphia edition of the Atlas Minimus

 A scarce and charming miniature atlas of the world published by Matthew Carey in Philadelphia in 1798. The small (“pocket”) format, and presumably its corresponding affordability, suggest both the increasing mobility of Americans and a growing thirst for geographical knowledge among the middle classes. Carey’s work is based closely on the atlas of the same […]

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Clara O’Neil, [Hand-drawn physical atlas including 27 maps and plans and 18 astronomical and geological diagrams.] St. Leonards-on-Sea (Hastings), East Sussex, England, 1876.

Superb manuscript physical atlas, by a British convent student

An especially lovely 19th-century manuscript physical atlas by a young woman at an English convent school, strikingly detailed and rendered with precision and sensitivity in the choice of watercolors. In the 19th century map copying was an important educational method at the primary level, seen as valuable both for the development of geographic knowledge as well […]

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Atlas of Bar Harbor, Maine

A very scarce atlas of the village of Bar Harbor, consisting of a key sheet and twelve double-page plans. The plans are executed at a large scale (1:1200), sufficient to depict not only the street network, but also property lines and owners’ names, the footprints of individual buildings, and driveways and pathways. The locations of water […]

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Rare American atlas of the wars of the French Revolution and Napoleon

An unusual and very rare little atlas, reflecting ongoing American interest in the affairs of Europe in general and the Napoleonic Wars in particular. The seven folding maps include “Frontiers of Germany and Holland,” “Italy with the Alpine Frontiers,” “Map of Germany as Defined by the Peace of Paris… 1814,” “Egypt and Part of Syria,” “Spain […]

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The first topographical atlas of a state

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) was established in 1879, initially with the objective of mapping the Public Domain. Hitherto constitutional considerations had prevented Federal agencies from engaging in intra-state mapping activity, and Federal mapping efforts had been confined largely to Army surveys of the territories and the U.S. Coast Survey’s surveys of the American coast […]

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Property atlas of Newport, Rhode Island

An extraordinarily detailed depiction of this historic Rhode Island city. This wonderful atlas consists of a key map and 32 double-sheet plats, together depicting every architectural feature in Newport, on Conanicut Island, and in nearby towns. Each plat is 3 feet by 2 feet, is executed at a scale of 100 feet to the inch, and […]

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A “sweeping application of thematic cartography”

First edition of d’Angeville’s revolutionary publication, the first major work arranged around thematic maps. D’Angeville (1796-1856) can be credited with refining and expanding the application of the “chloropleth” map first developed by his predecessors Baron Charles Dupin (1784-1873) and Andre-Michel Guerry (1802-1866). These are maps in which areas are shaded or patterned in proportion to the […]

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Imposing atlas of the Black Hills of South Dakota

An imposing and very rare atlas from the first detailed survey of the Black Hills. After the discovery of gold in the Black Hills by miners accompanying Custer’s 1874 expedition, the federal government expropriated the area from the Lakota Sioux in violation of the Treaty of Fort Laramie. While settlers and prospectors streamed in, in […]

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A rare composite atlas of the French and Indian War

An interesting composite atlas published at the outset of the French and Indian War, likely hurried into print by le Rouge to meet demand for information about events in North America. The images primarily depict towns and forts in North America and the Caribbean, but the atlas also includes two smaller-scale maps of Canadian subjects. Most are […]

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