Engraved by Tho[ma]s Jefferys, A PLAN of the TOWN and FORT of CARILLON at TICONDEROGA; with the ATTACK made by the BRITISH ARMY Commanded by Genl. Abercombrie, 8 July 1758. London: Tho[ma]s Jefferys near Charing Cross, [1758].

First published plan of Abercromby’s 1758 debacle at Ticonderoga

The most important contemporary plan of Fort Ticonderoga and surroundings, a handsome and valuable delineation of the layout of the fortress, its strategic location commanding the river between Lakes George and Champlain, and troop positions during General Abercromby’s catastrophic frontal assault during the French and Indian War. Early in the Summer of 1758, the British […]

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NA, A New and Correct PLAN of the TOWN of BOSTON. London, October-November 1775

Revolutionary-era plan of Boston from the Gentleman’s Magazine

A detailed plan of Boston published in 1775 in the Gentleman’s Magazine and showing streets and street names, landmarks such as the Liberty Tree and Long Wharf, and numerous  fortifications. Charlestown, destroyed during the June 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill, is shown “in Ruins.” The then-geography of the city is striking. At the time, the city […]

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[George Callender, surveyor] [A Chart of the Harbour of Boston, Composed from Different Surveys, but Principally from that Taken in 1769, by Mr George Callender, Late Master of His Majesty’s Ship Romney.] [London]: J[oseph] F[rederick] W[allet] Des Barres, August 5, 1775.

The finest 18th-century chart of Boston Harbor, from “The Atlantic Neptune”

The finest 18th-century chart of Boston Harbor in a desirable later state, with the addition of the extensive American fortifications erected during the 1775 siege. For its combination of accuracy and visual appeal this chart has never been surpassed. The chart depicts the environs of Boston, Boston Harbor and much of the coastline between Nahant […]

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D[aniel] F[riedrich] Sotzmann [and Christoph Daniel Ebeling] (mapmakers), RHODE ISLAND entworfen von D.F. Sotzmann. Hamburg: Carl Ernst Bohn, 1797.

The Ebeling-Sotzmann map of Rhode Island

The finest 18th-century map of Rhode Island, compiled by D.F. Sotzmann and Christoph Ebeling, two German geographers who never visited America. Description This lovely map depicts the entire state of Rhode Island including Block Island off the southern coast.  There is considerable detail of the natural geography, including lakes, rivers and streams; areas of elevation […]

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EQUAL RIGHTS FOR NEGROES !EVERYWHERE! VOTE COMMUNIST. New York, NY: National Communist Campaign Committee, [1932].

Communist Party Presidential campaign poster calling for “Equal Rights for Negroes Everywhere”

A rare and striking 1932 Communist Party presidential campaign poster calling for African-American self-determination in the South. With a fascinating backstory of the complicated politics of the movement for African-American civil rights. Background In its early years the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) tended to view the struggle for African-American rights as inseparable […]

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Engineer Reproduction Plant, U. S. Army / Mississippi River Commission, LOWER MISSISSIPPI RIVER [:] EARLY STREAM CHANNELS AT APPROXIMATE HALF-CENTURY INTERVALS [:] CAIRO, ILL. TO BATON ROUGE, LA. MILE 0 TO MILE 842. Washington, D.C.: Corps of Engineers, 1938.

A rare 50-foot map of the shifting channels of the Mississippi

A rare and spectacular set of thematic maps depicting historical changes in the channels of the Mississippi River, issued in 1938 by the Corps of Engineers and the Mississippi River Commission. Those living on the banks of the Mississippi have always been blessed by its fertile alluvial plain and ready water access to much of […]

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SITUATION 19 DEC 1944 [with similarly-titled sheets for December 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27-31, 1944]. [Belgium or France:] 664 Eng[inee]r Top[ographic] Corps, January, 1945.

Nine maps tracking the day-by-day progress of the Battle of Bastogne, printed in theatre within weeks of the battle… an amazing survival

An extremely rare set of plans depicting the day-by-day progress of the December 1944 Battle of Bastogne, remarkable for their fine-grained detail, mix of highly-technical and pictorial features, and compilation in theatre within weeks of the battle. The story of the siege is well known: Bastogne was a major crossroads in the Ardennes, its capture […]

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J. Clark Henley, ALLIGATOR OZ [:] TAILS OF THE CITY [:] THE LAND OF MAKE-BELIEVE. San Francisco: J. Clark Henley, 1976.

Pictorial map of gay life in San Francisco

An unrecorded 1976 insider’s pictorial map of gay life in San Francisco, documenting, celebrating and even in places mocking the interests, haunts, and habits of the city’s vibrant homosexual community. Much as the Green Books had catered to African-American travelers of the 1930s to 1960s, so did Guy Strait’s The Lavender Baedeker and the many […]

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