Beautiful example of Nicholas Visscher’s “Novi Belgii”

A lovely example of Visscher’s important promotional map of the New Netherlands and New England, composed for the Dutch West India Company. Also sought after for its fine inset prospect of Manhattan, the earliest obtainable view of what became New York City. Background Dutch interest in the region began with the formation of the Dutch […]

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Charles Craig, A MAP of KENTUCKY BY CHARLES CRAIG. [Kentucky, ca. 1810.]

Schoolboy manuscript map of Kentucky, drawn on the frontier

A schoolboy map of Kentucky, unusual for its size, excellent detail and origins in Kentucky. “School” maps are frequently encountered on the antiquarian market; indeed, we have handled perhaps two dozen in the past decade. However, the vast majority of surviving examples were produced in New England, New York and Pennsylvania, and it is almost […]

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DE GRADEST BOBALITION DAT EBER VUS BE!!! 4rt ob July, 1827, cum on de 5ft. 285 Water-street, [New York City]: [J. M’Clelland], 1827.

[offensive material] [racist caricature] A rare “Bobalition” broadside mocking New York City’s first Emancipation Day

An extremely rare 1827 “Bobalition” broadside featuring a crudely racist parody of New York City’s first Emancipation Day celebration. The only example of the genre known to have originated in New York. The “Bobalition” genre seems to have originated in Boston in or around 1816 and endured there through 1828 or beyond. These broadside texts, […]

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Emma Willard / Samuel Maverick, engraver / Clayton & Van Norden, Printers, A SERIES OF MAPS TO WILLARD’S History of the United States, OR, REPUBLIC OF AMERICA. DESIGNED FOR SCHOOLS AND PRIVATE LIBRARIES. New York: White, Gallaher & White, 1829.

A landmark historical atlas by pioneering educator Emma Willard

The first historical atlas of the United States, by pioneering educator Emma Willard, who in the service of her broader mission became America’s first female map maker. Willard’s atlas features twelve single- or double-sheet maps, beginning with an “introductory map” of the “locations and wanderings of the aboriginal tribes.” Though Native American peoples had long been […]

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E. W. Shaw, THE GAME OF THE SOCIABLE SNAKE, for the Home Circle. by E. W. Shaw. Philadelphia: E. W. Shaw, 1852.

“Game of the Sociable Snake”… an early and unrecorded American game

A striking, whimsical and unrecorded playing board for the roll-and-move Game of Sociable Snake. The board features a large track in the form of a snake divided into 119 segments, of which 25 are illustrated with tiny vignettes and bear special instructions. Square 11, for example, features a large Stars and Stripes and the direction […]

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Geo. H. Walker & Co. Lith., CHARLES RIVER [:] CARRIES SHOWN BY RED LINES. Boston: George H. Walker & Co., [1907].

Birds-eye view of the Charles River

A lovely bird’s-eye view of the Charles River and Boston’s western suburbs, by the great Boston lithographer—and dairy pioneer!—George H. Walker. The view depicts Boston’s western suburbs looking southwest from an imaginary point high over Waltham, encompassing much of Dedham, Natick, Needham, Newton, Waltham, Wellesley and other towns.  Through it all winds the serpentine Charles […]

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Make good the promise [:] SECOND WAR FUND One Hundred Million Dollars MAY 20th-27th. [New York?: American Red Cross, 1918.]

Spectacular American Red Cross First World War fundraising poster

A mammoth, vibrant and apparently very effective American Red Cross poster exhorting citizens to contribute to its Second War Fund drive in May 1918. The poster features an outline map of northeastern North America, the Atlantic and northern Europe. The continents are linked by a vibrant rainbow originating in an American pot of gold—bearing the […]

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Emma Bourne, AMERICA – A NATION OF ONE PEOPLE FROM MANY COUNTRIES. New York: The Council Against Intolerance in America, 1940.

Emma Bourne’s America — A Nation of One People From Many Countries

A large, scarce, and eminently-displayable 1940 persuasive map by Emma Bourne with a refreshingly tolerant—and for its time rather novel–message aiming to combat prejudice and unite a nation. Though praised by Hornsby as “one of the most striking maps of the era”, to my mind the map’s noble theme and brilliant execution make it one […]

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Commander Task Force 122, OMAHA BEACH-WEST (Vierville-sur-Mer). NP, April 21, 1944.

Rare “BIGOT”-rated planning map for the landing at Omaha Beach

A scarce map depicting the Normandy coast at Vierville-sur-Mer, better known today simply as Omaha Beach, issued just weeks before D-Day and bearing the ultra-secret “BIGOT” classification. “But nothing was more secret—or more vital to Operation Neptune—than the mosaic of Allied intelligence reports that cartographers and artists transformed into the multihued and multilayered BIGOT maps.” […]

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[Theodore Geisel and Munro Leaf] / Army Orientation Course, Special Service Division, Army Service Forces, [recto:] THIS IS Ann.. …she drinks blood!  [verso:] NEWSMAP / MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1943. Washington, D.C.: War Department, 1943.  Double-sided poster printed in color halftone, 34 ¾”h x 47”w at sheet edge. Minor smudging at one corner, else excellent.

World War II anti-malaria poster by Doctor Seuss

A clever, striking and rather rare pairing of anti-malaria poster and pamphlet produced for members of the American military during World War II, illustrated by Theodore Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss.   The Japanese conquest of Indonesia and the Philippines in early 1942 cut the Allies off from their supply of cinchona bark, which provides the […]

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[Large archive assembled by American officer Augustus B. Hill while serving in the Office of Military Government for Bavaria.] [Various locations, 1942-1950, but mostly Nuremberg and Munich, 1945-1949.]

Significant archive from the American occupation of Bavaria, 1945-1950

An extensive and rich archive of material assembled by Augustus B. Hill an American officer serving in the Office of Military Government for Bavaria (OMGB) during the American occupation following the Second World War. Hill served in the OMGB from at least 1945 through 1949 and was primarily involved in matters relating to the reconstruction […]

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Thomas Pelham-Holles (Duke of Newcastle), James Oglethorpe, Francisco del Moral y Sánchez, et al., From the Duke of Newcastle. July 1736. Enclosing Papers on Georgia [Official copies of letters and other documents relating to the affairs of Georgia and its boundary dispute with Spanish Florida, submitted to Newcastle by Oglethorpe, and transmitted by Newcastle to Prime Minister Robert Walpole.] England, July 2, 1736.

Archive of James Oglethorpe documents addressing the Georgia-Florida boundary dispute, with much on the roles of Tomochichi and the Creeks

A remarkable gathering of letters and other documents, submitted in 1736 by James Oglethorpe to the Duke of Newcastle and addressing the festering boundary dispute between the Colony of Georgia and Spanish Florida. Copied in a secretarial hand for transmission to King George II, with a signed cover letter by Newcastle. In all, a rich […]

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“Sylvanus Urban” [aka, Edward Cave], editor, The Gentleman’s Magazine for February, 1772. London: Printed for D. Henry, [March, 1772].

An ambitious 1772 plan for a British settlement on the Mississippi

The Gentleman’s Magazine for February 1772, complete with the original front wrap and the interesting folding map of West Florida to accompany the text “Proposal for a new Settlement on the Borders of the Missisippi in West Florida”. The map depicts most of the Province of West Florida, acquired by the British from Spain through […]

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Hannah Edgerton, A MAP OF THE WORLD Drawn by Hannah Edgerton, Cairo Seminary December 27, 1828. E. Stimson, Preceptress. [Cairo, New York?], 1828.

Large and appealing schoolgirl map of the world

A large and appealing schoolgirl map of the world with delicately rendered patriotic imagery, signed by the artist,. The map is projected on a double hemisphere, with the continents and national boundaries rendered in outline color and hundreds of cities and geographic features identified.  The map is dated 1828, but the occasionally crude geography, particularly […]

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Rare illustrated brochure for a French fireworks manufacturer

A most attractive illustrated price list for Monteux, France fireworks manufacturer Aulagne & Cie. One side of the brochure lists a great range of individual pyrotechnics, including rockets, a striking variety of ground-mounted pinwheels, and ground-based illuminations. Not surprisingly there is much patriotic content, such as a 4-meter-high “statue république” (30 francs) and an even […]

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Earl Purdy / Division of Information Federal Public Works Administration, PWA REBUILDS THE NATION. Washington, D.C.: Public Works Administration, [1935-39?]

Vibrant government poster promoting the New Deal and the Public Works Administration

A delightful Depression-era propaganda map issued by Federal Government to promote the contributions of the Public Works Administration, one of the major programs in FDR’s New Deal. The PWA was established by the 1933 National Industrial Recovery Act and was tasked with spending billions on major public construction projects to generate employment and help stabilize […]

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Map of United States nuclear power plants in 1985

An interesting look at the state of the nuclear power industry in the United States, just six years after the disaster at Three Mile Island. This outline map of the country uses four distinct symbols to show the locations of nuclear power plants in operation, under construction, on order, or “postponed indefinitely” as of August […]

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Gordon-Michael Scallion, Gordon-Michael Scallion’s FUTURE MAP OF THE WORLD. Chesterfield, NH: The Matrix Institute, 1996.

Gordon-Michael Scallion predicts The Great Tribulation, the Blue-Ray Children, and more

A 1996 imaginary map of the Earth after “The Tribulation”, as predicted by futurist, spiritualist and self-styled prophet Gordon-Michael Scallion (1942-?) This mammoth world map summarizes Scallion’s predictions and depicts their impact cartographically. The anticipated mayhem is predicted to begin with three “shifts” in the magnetic poles, each of six to eight degrees, expected to […]

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