The HARBOUR of CHARLES TOWN in South-Carolina from the Surveys of Sr. Jas. Wallace Captn. In his Majestys Navy & Others, with A VIEW of the TOWN from the SOUTH SHORE of Ashley River. London: J.F.W. Des Barres, Esqr., Nov. 1, 1777.

Chart of Charleston, South Carolina from The Atlantic Neptune

Spectacular Revolutionary-era chart of the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina, likely compiled from Colonial-era surveys and British reconnaissance just before the 1776 Battle of Sullivan’s Island. Published in the Atlantic Neptune, it was for its time by far the finest printed chart of the area. Blessed by a large, sheltered harbor and proximity to the […]

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[Charles Blaskowitz], A PLAN of the TOWN OF NEWPORT in the Province of Rhode Island. London: J.F.W. Des Barres, April 24, 1776.

Charles Blaskowitz plan of Newport, Rhode Island from The Atlantic Neptune

The earliest printed plan of Newport, Rhode Island, published for the use of British forces just months before they occupied the town in December 1776. Based on surveys by Charles Blaskowitz, one of the finest surveyors in the British military, it is also arguably the most appealing plan of Newport ever issued: The overall layout, […]

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[Samuel Holland et al.] / “Lieutenant Knight of the Navy and Pilots,” THE COAST OF NEW ENGLAND. [London:] J.F.W. Des Barres, APRIL 24, 1776.

Magnificent chart of the Coast of New England from The Atlantic Neptune

By far the finest 18th-century depiction of the Coast of New England issued in The Atlantic Neptune to meet the needs of British navigators during the American Revolution. Description This monumental chart depicts the complex coast of New England from Passamaquoddy Bay south and west to Narragansett Bay. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of depth soundings are given, […]

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Lovely 1784 map of the United States by Brion de la Tour

A lovely old-color example of one of the earliest maps to name the United States, indicate its borders per the Treaty of Paris, and depict the Stars and Stripes. Per the subtitle, Brion de la Tour compiled the map from various English maps and other sources, as well as the boundaries set by the Treaty […]

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[Johann David Schopf, after Thomas Jefferson and Henry Pursell,] A MAP of the United States of N. AMERICA. [Erlangen, 1788.]

Thomas Jefferson proposes ten new states in the Old Northwest

A rare, interesting and important little map of the United States, one of very few to depict the proposal by Thomas Jefferson for ten new states in the Old Northwest. Background Following the American Revolution one of history’s great land rushes began, as settlers poured over the mountains into Kentucky and the “Old Northwest,” the […]

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1793 Jonathan Williams chart of Gulf Stream

An 18th-century Gulf Stream chart, with a Ben Franklin connection

A scarce and interesting 1793 chart depicting the Gulf Stream, as well as thermometric observations of the Atlantic made on several trans-Atlantic voyages by Jonathan Williams, Jr. A grand-nephew of Benjamin Franklin, Williams (1750-1815) served as his personal secretary during Franklin’s time as American agent in England in the early 1770s and as ambassador to […]

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Prospectus for the Compagnie Franco-Américaine … with three unrecorded maps!

Very rare mid-19th-century French prospectus promoting investment in the Compagnie Franco-Americaine, which proposed to operate transatlantic passenger steamers between L’Orient and Norfolk, Virginia. With three seemingly unrecorded maps charting the journey from Lorient in Brittany to Norfolk, Virginia, and thence via railroad into the interior of the United States. The opening of the American West […]

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Main Administration of Geodesy and Cartography, ПОЛИТИЧЕСКАЯ КАРТА МИРА / РАССТАНОВКА СИЛ НА МЕЖДУНАРОДНОЙ АРЕНЕ [“Political Map of the World [:] The Alignment of Forces in the Global Arena.”] Leningrad: Political Division of Naval Bases and Naval Academies, Jan. 1, 1970.

Warsaw Pact propaganda map emphasizing the imperialist threat

A fantastic propaganda map, issued at the height of the Cold War and using geopolitical statistics and other simple persuasive techniques to overstate the threat posed to the Warsaw Pact countries by “imperialist” forces. The map was produced by overprinting geopolitical statistics on a standard-issue Russian-language world map. A table at top center lists 14 […]

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Timothy Edward Downs, PC Computing[:] Road Map to the Internet. New York: Ziff-Davis, 1994.

Timothy Edward Downs maps the Internet in 1994

Possibly the first map of the Internet for popular consumption, designed by legendary technical artist Timothy Edward Downs as a bonus for purchasers of PC Computing magazine.  PC Computing and Timothy Edward Downs Back in the early nineties PC Magazine, PC World and PC Computing were in a three-way race for subscribers and newsstand sales. […]

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