Osgood Carleton, A New Map of the UNITED STATES, OF AMERICA Including part of Louisiana Drawn from the latest Authorities Revised and corrected by OSGOOD CARLETON. Esqr. Teacher of Mathematics BOSTON. Boston: John Sullivan Junr., 1806.

Monumental wall map of the United States by Osgood Carleton

A monumental wall map of the United States by Osgood Carleton, much enlarged and greatly updated to reflect political developments and advances in geographic knowledge. A great rarity, known in only 10 or 11 examples, most in American institutions. The map Carleton’s first attempt at a wall map of the country appeared in 1791 as […]

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Osgood Carleton, AN ACCURATE MAP, of The DISTRICT OF MAINE Being Part of the Commonwealth of MASSACHUSETTS: Compiled pursuant to an Act of the GENERAL COURT, From Actual Surveys of the several Towns &c. TAKEN BY THEIR ORDER: Exhibiting, the boundary Lines of the District the Counties and Towns, the principal Roads, Rivers, Mountains, Mines, Islands, Rocks, Shoals, Channels, Lakes, Ponds, Falls, Mills, Manufactures, and Public Buildings, with the Latitudes and Longitudes &c. Boston: Published and Sold by O. Carleton & J. Norman, [1798.]

Osgood Carleton’s 1798 Accurate Map of the District of Maine

A great rarity, Osgood Carleton’s Accurate Map of the District of Maine is among the most desirable early Maine maps, the most detailed to appear in the eighteenth century, and one of the earliest maps sponsored by an American state. Carleton’s map depicts the then-District of Maine at a scale of six miles to the […]

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Osgood Carleton, AN ACCURATE MAP of THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS Exclusive of the DISTRICT of MAINE Compiled pursuant to an ACT of the GENERAL COURT From Actual Surveys of the several Towns, &c.... Boston: Published and Sold by O. Carleton & J. Norman, [1798.]

Osgood Carleton’s 1798 Accurate Map of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

A great rarity, this seminal map by Osgood Carleton is by far the best 18th-century map of Massachusetts and one of the earliest officially-sponsored maps of an American state. With extensive expert restoration and priced accordingly, but all-but unobtainable in any condition. The map’s large scale of six miles to the inch gave mapmaker Osgood […]

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[On broadside:] THE ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH. / [on boards:] BACON’S CHART OF THE ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH… London: Bacon & Co., [Summer 1865?]  

Celebrating the Atlantic Telegraph

A terrific and very rare broadside, explaining and celebrating the technology of the Atlantic telegraph and the 1865 attempt to lay a second transatlantic Cable. After a number of failed attempts, in early August 1858 Cyrus Field’s Atlantic Telegraph Company succeeded in laying a cable between Ireland’s Valencia Bay and Trinity Bay in Newfoundland. The […]

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Dr. N. W. Tracy / [Rev. G. S. Hubbs?] / Shober & Carqueville Litho. Co. Chicago, DR. N. W. TRACY’S ILLUSTRATED LECTURE “THE MISSISSIPPI OF INTEMPERANCE.” [Washington, D.C.,] Feb. 1882.

The Mississippi of Intemperance

Only the fourth known example of The Mississippi of Intemperance, an extraordinary Temperance broadside featuring an allegorical map of the Mississippi River. The broadside’s central image is a map of the Mississippi of Intemperance, fed by among others Cider Run, Tobacco Creek and the Beer and Whisky Rivers—the intoxicants becoming stronger as one moves downstream. […]

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Ida Schmid Randall, MAP of MEMORIALS OF A FAMOUS WOMAN—FRANCES E. WILLARD. NP: National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, August 1st, 1938.

WCTU pictorial map celebrating the life and memory of Frances Willard

A wonderful 1938 commemorative map printed on linen to celebrate the centenary of the birth of social reformer and Temperance giant Frances Willard. Background Born in 1839 in Rochester, New York, Frances Willard taught school in Evanston, Illinois, then served for three years as President of the Evanston College for Ladies and briefly as Dean […]

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[crude oil] Imp. Lafayette, LE PÉTROLE DANS LE MONDE. Paris: Union des chambres syndicales de l’industrie du pétrole, 1958.

Imposing 1958 thematic map of global crude oil production

An interesting and eminently displayable poster with thematic maps and charts depicting the global production, transport and refining of crude oil as of 1956. The main map provides an overview of the production and transport of crude oil around the world. Regions shaded bright red represent fields “in exploitation”, those shaded green are likely to […]

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