Willem Blaeu 1634 Insulae Americanae

Blaeu’s 1634 Insulae Americanae – extracted from his West Indische Paskaert

An important, rare and very unusual map of North America and the Caribbean, extracted by Blaeu from his landmark West Indische Paskaert to meet a publishing deadline. The Insulae Americanae depicts eastern North America, much of Central America, part of Latin America, and the islands of the Caribbean. The brightly-painted arms of the Netherlands, England […]

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[Engraved copper plate ] The Dresses, of the High Priests. [Prob. Philadelphia: Matthew Carey, ca. 1817.]

Engraved copper plate executed for Matthew Carey

A rare American line- and stipple-engraved copper plate depicting the High Priest of Israel, likely produced for an 1817 Matthew Carey edition of The Holy Bible. NB: The plate itself is difficult to photograph, and the main image accompanying this listing is of a modern impression pulled from the plate. The engraving is divided into […]

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Electoral map by Wm. M. Bradley, REPUBLICAN SWEEP OF 1894[:] BRADLEY’S POLITICAL MAP OF THE UNITED STATES Showing Republican Sweep of 1894. Philadelphia: John E. Potter & Co., 1894.

Rare electoral map of the “Republican Sweep” in the 1894 midterms

An extremely rare electoral map depicting the results of the 1894 mid-term elections, in which the House of Representatives underwent its largest-ever realignment. The 53rd Congress (1893-1895) had been dominated by the Democratic Party, which held a majority in the Senate and a dominant 218 of 356 seats in the House. However, in the 1894 […]

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Unrecorded map of the destruction following the San Francisco Earthquake

Unrecorded map of San Francisco highlighting the “burned district” following the 1906 earthquake and fire. The San Francisco Earthquake struck Northern California at 5:12 a.m. on Wednesday, April 18, 1906 with an estimated magnitude of 7.9. Devastating fires soon broke out in the city and lasted for days. As many as 3000 people died, more […]

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Prepared under the direction of Charles Haskins Townsend / Records compiled by A. C. Watson / Draughtsman, R. W. Richmond, [Four maps showing the worldwide distribution of whaling catches between the mid 18th and early 20th centuries.] [New York: New York Zoological Society, 1935.]

Four whaling maps by Charles Haskins Townsend

A fascinating application of thematic mapping techniques to commercial whaling, by eminent American zoologist Charles Haskins Townsend (1859-1944). Townsend’s nearly 55-year career spanned both the public and private sectors. From 1883-1902 he held a variety of positions in the United States Fish Commission, then spent the next 35 years as Director of the New York […]

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[F.E. Cheeseman], Pigskin Panorama: ALBERT RICHARD FOOTBALL MAP. Milwaukee, WI: Albert Richard, 1939.

The American football scene in 1939: Albert Richard’s Pigskin Panorama

Pigskin Panorama is an exuberant and decorative Art Deco-style pictorial map of the American football scene in 1939, when the college game was still dominant. The map uses vignettes of football players in action poses to show the locations of hundreds of collegiate teams around the United States, all color coded by conference. The border […]

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Hal Shelton, Vail [:] COLORADO . . . SKI COUNTRY USA. Colorado Springs: Looart, ND [but ca. 1965.]

Map of Colorado’s Vail ski resort in its earliest years

An attractive 1960s bird’s-eye view of Vail ski resort, one of the America’s iconic Winter destinations. The main image is a bird’s eye view of the resort’s front bowls, trails and lifts, complemented by a view of the back bowls at lower right and a photograph of the base resort at lower left. It was […]

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