Monumental map of Nova Scotia by Montresor

A monumental, separately-issued map of the Canadian Maritimes, by the most accomplished military engineer in Great Britain’s North American service. The years between the end of the French and Indian War and the start of the Revolution were extremely fertile for the mapping of North America, as the British administration sought to understand millions of […]

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A rare and important plan of New Orleans by Henry Moellhausen

A rare and interesting plan of New Orleans, Louisiana, one of only a handful issued in the first half of the 19th century. The plan depicts New Orleans in considerable detail, including the boundaries of the municipalities and wards, the street plan and block numbers, canals and rail lines, and the footprints of dozens of […]

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Spectacular chart of maritime flags

By the 19th century, books and broadsides providing mariners with a ready reference to the hundreds of flags they might encounter at sea were an established genre. This example by Copley is however most unusual for its size, very fine coloring and extreme rarity. The chart includes 187 smaller flags and pennants arranged in 11 rows, with […]

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1863 Progress of the Union Armies broadside

1863 propaganda broadside with map of Progress of the Union Armies

A powerful 1863 broadside marshaling recent events, statistics and a striking persuasive map to demonstrate recent progress of the Union armies in the field and forcefully rebut Copperhead attacks on the Union war effort. This broadside was probably issued at a high point for the Union in the late Summer of 1863, following among other […]

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1873 Plan for “a first-class summer resort” in Kennebunkport Maine

A lovely and interesting 1873 plan promoting a real estate development in Kennebunkport Maine. The plan depicts a “first-class summer resort” in a “situation [that] has not its equal on the coast.” It shows some 566 housing lots, hotel sites, and parks, all on a peninsula at the outlet of the Kennebunk River and blessed […]

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1913 George Ring Great Dayton Flood

The Great Dayton Flood of 1913

A striking and extremely rare 1913 chromolithographic view of the Great Dayton Flood during which water and fire laid waste to much of downtown Dayton, Ohio. The worst natural disaster in Ohio history, the Great Dayton Flood was caused by a series of heavy rainstorms in March 1913. After several days of rain, on March […]

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1930s Walter Eckhard Philips shortwave radio world map

Spectacular Philips pictorial map of the global shortwave radio network

A spectacular 1930s promotional for Philips Radio featuring a pictorial map of the global shortwave radio network, with each continent crammed with imagery. The overall effect is rich, though rather crudely stereotypical—the vignettes include giraffes and spear-toting natives in Africa, igloos in Greenland, a teapot in Sri Lanka, and so on. Superimposed on the map are red […]

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Rob[er]t Williams, THE MYSTERY MAP OF ASSININE ATOLL. [San Francisco?], 1977

Map of Assinine Atoll by “congealing” “lowbrow” artist Robert Williams

A separately-issued serigraph of Robert Williams’ crazed imaginary map of Assinine Atoll.  The image also appeared in the legendary underground comic Zap. The map depicts “Assinine [sic] Atoll,” dominated by Funnyman Isle. The atoll’s major features include landmarks such as “The Lost Temple of Mystic Symbols,” the “Region of the Unapproachable Skunk-Cult,” and “Turky-Furky’s Reptile […]

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