A PLAN of BOSTON and CHARLESTOWN; from a Drawing Made in 1771. [and, on the same sheet:] An Accurate Map of the Country round BOSTON in NEW ENGLAND from the Best Authorities. London; January 16, 1776.

A fine depiction of Revolutionary-era Boston and Charlestown

An uncommon plan of Boston and Charlestown, side-by-side with a map of the greater Boston area, published during the Revolution to inform British readers hungry for news of the Colonies. This image was published in the January 1776 Town and Country Magazine, while the British were still besieged in the town. Two months later the Americans would […]

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William Charles Bruin become Mediator 1813

William Charles War of 1812 cartoon: Bruin become Mediator

A rare political cartoon by William Charles, Bruin become Mediator satirizes a Russian attempt to mediate between Britain and the United States during the War of 1812. In early 1813 Tsar Alexander I of Russia offered to mediate between Britain and the United States, in hopes of resolving the issues that had precipitated war between those countries. […]

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Emma Willard Series of Maps to Willard's History of the United States

A landmark historical atlas by Emma Willard, America’s first female map maker

The first historical atlas of the United States, by pioneering educator Emma Willard who in the service of her broader mission became America’s first female map maker. Willard’s atlas features twelve single- or double-sheet maps, beginning with an “introductory map” of the “locations and wanderings of the aboriginal tribes.” Though Native American peoples had long […]

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Albert Miller Lea Knoxville 1855

The first published map of Knoxville, Tennessee

The first published map of Knoxville, Tennessee, produced at a pivotal moment in the city’s history. Unrecorded in the cartographic literature and only the second example located. Settled in 1786 as White’s Fort, in the early 1790s Knoxville was laid out in four-by-four-block square along the Holston (now the Tennessee) River, renamed after Secretary of […]

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Evans and Cogswell 1864 Eastern Virginia and North Carolina

Rare Confederate-imprint map by Evans and Cogswell

A rare Confederate-imprint map of Virginia and North Carolina, probably issued in the second half of 1864, while Ulysses S. Grant and his massive Army of the Potomac were stymied by Lee at the siege of Petersburg. Printed and published by Evans and Cogswell, recently displaced from Charleston to Columbia, South Carolina by the advance of […]

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M[artin] Kunz, Map of North America. Illzach, Germany, ca. 1880s-1890s.

Map of North America from the Martin Kunz Relief Atlas for the Blind

A rare embossed map of North America designed for education of the blind, from the rare atlas by Martin Kunz. Martin Kunz (1847-1923) was for nearly forty years Director of the Illzach bei Mühlhausen Institute for the Blind. Under his leadership the institution gained a worldwide reputation, not least because of the distinctive maps, images […]

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White Mountains bird's eye view by G. W. Morris

A striking bird’s-eye view of the White Mountains

A striking bird’s-eye view of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, produced to supply the burgeoning tourist trade of the late 19th century. By the end of the 19th century the Lakes and White Mountain regions of New Hampshire had become major tourist destinations, with a well-developed network of rail and coach links, hotels and inns, and guide […]

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1896 Map of New England Newspapers

Unrecorded thematic map of New England newspapers

A large, attractive and unrecorded thematic map of New England, designed as a ready reference for firms buying advertising in the region’s many newspapers. The map provides an enormous amount of information: color-coding to indicate population density (yellow for “densest,” green for “sparsely populated”); tiny pictorial symbols indicating predominant forms of economic activity (including for example, farming, dairy, quarrying, […]

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1906 Maine Central Railroad view of Casco Bay

Promotional view of Casco Bay published by the Maine Central Railroad

A fine example of this well-known chromolithographic bird’s-eye view of Casco Bay and Portland, Maine, lithographed for the Maine Central Railroad by George H. Walker. Established through merger in 1862, by the early 20th century the Maine Central Railroad dominated its market, with lines throughout the state and neighboring New Hampshire. It commissioned this lovely […]

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Timothy Edward Downs Map of Best Free Stuff on the Internet 1995

Map of “free stuff” on the Internet in 1995

One of the earliest maps of the Internet, providing a curated guide to the “best” free content available on line as of 1995. Designed by legendary technical artist Timothy Edward Downs as a bonus for purchasers of PC Computing magazine. PC Computing and Timothy Edward Downs Back in the early nineties PC Magazine, PC World […]

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