[Samuel Holland et al.] / “Lieutenant Knight of the Navy and Pilots,” THE COAST OF NEW ENGLAND. [London:] J.F.W. Des Barres, APRIL 24, 1776.

Magnificent chart of the Coast of New England from The Atlantic Neptune

By far the finest 18th-century depiction of the Coast of New England issued in The Atlantic Neptune to meet the needs of British navigators during the American Revolution. Description This monumental chart depicts the complex coast of New England from Passamaquoddy Bay south and west to Narragansett Bay. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of depth soundings are given, […]

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Phinehas Merrill / A[aron Merrill] Peasley, Sc., A PLAN of the COMPACT PART of the TOWN of EXETER, AT THE HEAD OF THE SOUTHERLY BRANCH OF THE PISCATAQUA RIVER. By P. Merrill 1802. [New Hampshire], 1802.

Phinehas Merrill map of Exeter New Hampshire

  An early, rare and delightful plan of this important New Hampshire town, with an important connection to the “Carrigain” map of the state. Merrill’s plan depicts the center of the ancient town of Exeter situated at the head of the Exeter River in southeastern New Hampshire. The town has a distinguished history as one […]

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Homann, Joh[annes] Baptista, Nova Anglia Septentrionali Americae… Nuremberg, [ca. 1716/ ca. 1730].

Iconic map of New York and New England by Homann

A most decorative and geographically intriguing map of New England, issued by Nuremburg mapmaker Johann Baptist Homann in or around 1730. Propelled by economic hardship, religious persecution and repeated warfare, in the late 17th century waves of German settlers began the first of many waves of immigration to America. Through the end of the 18th […]

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William Brassier, A Survey of Lake Champlain, including Lake George Crown Point and St. John. Surveyed by Order of His Excellency Major General Sr. Jeffrey Amherst.  London: Sayer and Bennett; August 5, 1776 [but 1777.]

Important Revolutionary War-era map of Lake Champlain and Lake George

An excellent 18th-century map of Lake Champlain and Lake George, published early in the American Revolution. Examples of the map were almost certainly used by General Burgoyne and his officers in the Fall 1777 campaign, which ended disastrously at Saratoga and catalyzed the French into supporting the Revolutionary cause. The map depicts much of “The […]

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Rare chart of the Maine Coast first published in 1791 by John Norman

18th-century chart of the Maine coast by John Norman

A rare chart of the Maine coast from the American Pilot, published in Boston by John Norman and one of the earliest atlases published in the United States. Chart of the Coast of America from Wood Island to Good Harbour was engraved and first published in Boston in 1791 by John Norman, the most notable of that town’s […]

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D[aniel] F[riedrich] Sotzmann [and Christoph Ebeling] / P. Schmidt Sculp., VERMONT entworfen von D.F. Sotzmann. Hamburg: Carl Ernst Bohn, 1796.

The Ebeling – Sotzmann map of Vermont

The finest 18th–century map of Vermont, compiled by D.F. Sotzmann and Christoph Ebeling, two German geographers who never visited America. This lovely map depicts considerable detail of the state’s natural geography, including lakes, rivers, streams, and even waterfalls, as well as the Green Mountains and lesser areas of elevation. Political boundaries are shown, with state, […]

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From Actual Surveys Made by Edmund J. Baker, Surveyr. / Pendleton's Lithog[raph]y, A MAP of the Towns of DORCHESTER AND MILTON, 1831, Made under the direction of the Town's committees for the use of the Commonwealth. Boston, 1831.

First printed map of Dorchester and Milton Massachusetts

A fine and very rare 1831 map depicting the human and natural geography of Dorchester and Milton, Massachusetts. Dorchester was founded just before Boston in 1630, was annexed to its northern neighbor in 1870, and is now an intensely diverse neighborhood of perhaps 100,000 residents. Milton was founded in 1662 on land ceded by Dorchester, has […]

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H[eman] Stebbins / Pendleton’s Lithography, MAP OF WORCESTER SHIRE TOWN OF THE COUNTY OF WORCESTER. Worcester[?]: C[larendon] Harris, 1833.

Rare 1833 map of Worcester Massachusetts

A fine and rare map depicting the human and natural geography of Worcester, Massachusetts. First settled by the English in 1674 the area was twice abandoned during King Phillip’s and Queen Anne’s Wars before being permanently resettled in 1713, incorporated in 1722 and named seat of the newly-created Worcester County in 1731. Taking advantage of […]

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Major James D[uncan] Graham, U.S. Topographical Engineers, A Map of The Extremity of Cape Cod Including the Townships of Provincetown, Truro with A Chart of Their Sea Coast and of Cape Cod Harbour, State of Massachusetts. Washington, D.C., 1836.

Mammoth 1836 map of Provincetown and Outer Cape Cod

A remarkably detailed chart of the waters around Truro and Provincetown on the outer reaches of Cape Cod, by one of America’s great topographical engineers of the 19th century. This mammoth chart is based on extensive surveys conducted by the Topographical Engineers in 1833-35, “to aid in the projection of the works for the military […]

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J[ames] C[harles] Sidney / Printed by F. Kuhl, C.E., PLAN of the City of NEW LONDON NEW LONDON COUNTY CONNECTICUT. From original Surveys by J.C. Sidney, C.E. Philadelphia: Collins & Clark, 1850.

1850 wall map of New London, Connecticut

An attractive, informative and very rare 1850 plan of New London, Connecticut, situated on Long Island Sound at the mouth of the Thames River. First settled in 1646, its excellent deep water harbor made it a natural hub of commerce and, during wartime, a base for naval operations, and by the early 19th century it […]

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J[acob] R[ichards] Dodge, L. H. Bradford & Co., TOWNSHIP AND RAIL ROAD MAP OF NEW HAMPSHIRE compiled from the best authorities with corrections and alterations of town lines from actual surveys…. Second Edition. Nashua: J. R. Dodge, 1854.

Lovely 1854 map of New Hampshire by Jacob Richards Dodge

A large and most attractive 1854 wall map of New Hampshire depicting the state in a period of intense economic development, by eminent journalist and statistician Jacob Richards Dodge. Drawn at a scale of 1”:6 miles, the map depicts town and county boundaries, roads and railroads, and major topographical features such as the White Mountains. […]

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Henry F. Walling map of Berkshire County Massachusetts

A monumental and richly informative wall map of Berkshire County in western Massachusetts, known today as a beauty spot and cultural destination for the profusion of museums and performing arts venues in Great Barrington, Lenox, Stockbridge, Williamstown and surrounding towns.  Published in 1858, this is by far the largest and most detailed map of Berkshire […]

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