Samuel Holland et al., Massachusetts Bay. London: J.F.W. Des Barres, April 29, 1776.

Massachusetts Bay from The Atlantic Neptune

  A very fine chart of Massachusetts Bay from the Atlantic Neptune, issued for use of British navigators early in the Revolutionary War. The Atlantic Neptune is arguably the finest atlas of North American waters ever produced, achieving in its more complete states full coverage of the East and Gulf Coasts. The Neptune’s great strength was […]

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Jos[eph] F[rederick] W[allet] Des Barres Esqr.,The Coast of Nova Scotia, New England, NEW-YORK, JERSEY, The GULPH and RIVER of St. LAWRENCE. The ISLANDS of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, St. John, Antecosty, Sable & c. and SOUNDINGS thereof. [London:] I.F.W. Des Barres Esqr., Nov. 1, 1780 [but probably mid-late 1784].

The capstone of the British mapping of northeastern North America

A rare, monumental and momentous general chart of northeastern North America, representing the capstone of British efforts to map the region after the end of the French and Indian War, and described as “by far the most accurate cartographic rendering of its subject made for many decades.” (Alex Johnson) This example separately published, probably in […]

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[ Tacticle maps ] L[ouis] R[ichard] Klemm, [Set of 11 “Relief Practice Maps” of Africa, Asia, Orient/Holy Land, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, and four regions of the United States.] New York: William Beverly Harison, 1894-1895.

Rare set of 19th-century tactile maps by educator L. R. Klemm

An extremely rare set of tactile maps printed in relief, designed by education innovator Louis Richard Klemm for use by sighted as well as visually-impaired students. Though relief maps have been used for millennia, the printing thereof poses particular technical challenges. As a result until relatively recently such maps were entirely bespoke, produced for example […]

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VOTES FOR WOMEN …. WOMEN HAVE FULL SUFFRAGE IN…. Why Not Makes Yours A White State, Too? New York: National American Woman Suffrage Association, late 1912/1913.

The push for full woman’s suffrage gathers steam in 1912-1913

Only the second known example of this broadside, ca. 1912-13, arguing for the expansion of woman’s suffrage in the United States and celebrating recent state-level victories in Arizona, Kansas, Michigan and Oregon. The focal point of the broadside is a persuasive map of the country, with each state shown in simple outline and shaded according […]

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A remarkable United Electric Light and Power archive, with maps

A unique report, heavily illustrated offering an inside view of the United Electric Light and Power Company in 1924 as it was well on its way to dominating power transmission in Manhattan. With four Manhattan maps, among them a monumental blueprint of the island’s electrical supply system. A native of Maplewood, New Jersey, William Barry […]

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Emma Bourne, AMERICA – A NATION OF ONE PEOPLE FROM MANY COUNTRIES. New York: The Council Against Intolerance in America, 1940.

America–A Nation of One People From Many Countries, by Emma Bourne

A large, scarce, and eminently-displayable 1940 persuasive map by Emma Bourne with a refreshingly tolerant—and for its time rather novel–message aiming to combat prejudice and unite a nation. Praised by Hornsby as “one of the most striking maps of the era”. Many Americans favored an isolationist approach to international affairs leading up to the United […]

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Front cover of Rear Admiral Alan G. Kirk, NEPTUNE Monograph. NP, April 21, 1944.

The Neptune Monograph

The Neptune Monograph, the definitive briefing book issued to senior American officers in preparation for the D-Day landings, with the famous two-sheet maps of Omaha and Utah Beaches. In the lead-up to Operation Neptune, better known as the D-Day landings on the coast of Normandy, a flood of reports, maps, and coastal profiles were prepared […]

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[ gulag ] [Sylwester Mora & Piotr Zwierniak,] MAP OF CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN SOVIET RUSSIA. [Rome: Wlochy, 1945.]

Map documenting the extent of the Soviet gulag system

A powerful persuasive map produced at the end of the Second World War and documenting, though likely with some exaggeration, the extent of the Soviet gulag system. The Gulag was created under Vladimir Lenin almost immediately after the Revolution, taking its name from an acronym of the Russian phrase for “Chief Administration of Corrective Labor […]

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Oliver Whitwell Wilson Architect, WASHINGTON DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Our Nation's Capital. Arlington, VA: Lintner Maps, 1948/“Retouched 1949”.

Splendid pictorial map of Washington, D.C.

A most appealing 1949 pictorial map of Washington, D.C. rendered as a bird’s-eye view of the city as seen looking southwest across the Potomac River from an imaginary point high above Arlington, Virginia. The view depicts Washington, Georgetown and surroundings, including Arlington and Rosslyn in the foreground, with the recently-built Pentagon prominently shown, and, in […]

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[ Red China ] Robert M. Chapin, Jr., RED CHINA. New York: TIME Inc., 1955

Striking TIME map of Red China by Robert M. Chapin

A striking map of Communist China by Robert M. Chapin, enlarged from a double-page spread in the April 18, 1955 issue of TIME. Chapin’s map uses an unusual projection, simulating an astronaut’s-eye view of China as seen from perhaps a few hundred miles over the Pacific. China is largely colored yellow—an implicit slur, perhaps?—with the […]

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J. Chace Jr. Civ. Eng. Troy N.Y. & W.J. Barker N. Hector New York / Wagner & McGuigan Lith. No. 4 Franklin Place Philada., CLARK’S MAP OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY, CONNECTICUT. FROM ACTUAL SURVEY BY & UNDER THE DIRECTION OF J. CHACE Jr. CIV. ENG. TROY N.Y. & W.J. BARKER N. HECTOR NEW YORK. Philadelphia: Richard Clark, 1858.

Monumental wall map of Fairfield County Connecticut

A lovely, richly-informative and very scarce wall map of Fairfield County, Connecticut published by Richard Clark in 1858 and in entirely original condition. Published in 1858, this was for its time by far the largest and most detailed map of Fairfield County. The area’s topography, particularly in the northwest part of the county, is shown […]

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Leander Ransom, A NEW MAP OF THE States OF CALIFORNIA AND NEVADA Exhibiting the RIVERS, LAKES BAYS and ISLANDS, with the principal TOWNS, ROADS, RAILRAODS and TRANSIT ROUTES to the SILVER MINING DISTRICTS of NEVADA TERRITORY. Also MERIDIAN, STANDARD, RANGE and TOWNSHIP LINES as established; to which is added the County Boundaries and UNITED STATES LAND DISTRICTS. CAREFULLY COMPILED FROM United States and other Reliable Surveys by LEANDER RANSOM. San Francisco: Warren Holt, 1870.

1870 map of California and Nevada by pioneering surveyor Leander Ransom

Scarce and significant 1870 pocket map of California and Nevada, compiled by Leander Ransom and published in San Francisco by Warren Holt. Described by Wheat as “a Nevada map of first importance” and Streeter as “a first rate map of California as it was in 1863 and… especially good for the mining districts in Nevada […]

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