[Rufus Putnam], This Indenture made the [blank] Day of [blank], in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred [blank], BETWEEN Rufus Putnam, Surveyor General of the United States… NP, ND [but Chillicothe or Marietta, 1800-1803?]

Rare Northwest Territory broadside, for use by Rufus Putnam

An extremely rare broadside indenture produced during the tenure of Rufus Putnam as Surveyor General of the United States and reflecting Federal Government efforts to stimulate settlement of the public lands northwest of the Ohio River. Background After independence the public lands north and west of the Ohio River presented the Congress with both an […]

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AMERICAN STATES, CENSUS, &c. Salisbury (CT or NH?): E. Blodget, ca. late 1812-early 1813.

Unrecorded hand-colored patriotic broadside from the War of 1812 era

An unrecorded, patriotic broadside presenting the results of the third national census, performed in 1810. Issued during the first year of the War of 1812. The text of the broadside is printed in letterpress, framed by an intricate hand-drawn border in blue and orange forming a large oval panel surrounded by 22 smaller panels.  The central […]

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Moses Greenleaf / Engraved by W. B. Annin, Boston, Map of the District of Maine From the Latest and Best Authorities. To the Honourable the Legislature of the State of Massachusetts This Map is Respectfully Inscribed by the Author. Boston: Cummings & Hilliard, No. 1 Cornhill, 1815.

Seminal 1815 Map of the District of Maine by Moses Greenleaf

The rare first state of the  first map by Moses Greenleaf, published when Maine was still a district of Massachusetts. The product of unprecedented efforts to compile the best-available information, especially regarding central and northern Maine, this map surpassed all earlier representations of the District, most notably Osgood Carleton’s map of 1801. It provided both […]

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1847 Disturnell Treaty Map / Mapa de los Estados Unidos de Mejico

The 1847 Disturnell Treaty Map of Mexico and the American West

The 1847 Disturnell Treaty Map of Mexico and the American West. A map with a fascinating publishing history and a vital role in one of the most momentous territorial negotiations in American history. Disturnell’s large map depicts Mexico, with wash color by state, as well as much of the United States west of the Mississippi […]

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Geo[rge] H. Walker & Co., NEW HISTORICAL MAP OF METROPOLITAN BOSTON. Boston: George H. Walker & Co., 1898.

Mammoth historical map of Boston and its metropolitan area

A mammoth and extremely rare historical map of Boston and its metropolitan area at the turn of the 20th century, with a wealth of historical information. Measuring nearly six feet high and four-and-one-half wide, this absolutely enormous map depicts the Boston metropolitan area, bounded by Swampscott, Billerica, Dover and Braintree. Town boundaries are shown; as are seemingly every […]

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J[oseph] Priestley, L.L.D. F.R.S., A NEW CHART OF HISTORY. London: Engraved and published by J. Johnson in Pater-noster Row, J. Bowles No. 13 Cornhill, C. Bowles No. 69 St. Pauls Church Yard, R. Sayer No. 53 Fleet Street and T. Jefferys the corner of St. Martins Lane Charing Cross, April 11th 1769.

A “masterpiece of visual economy:” Joseph Priestley’s New Chart of History

Joseph Priestley’s very rare New Chart of History, a “masterpiece of visual economy” (Rosenberg and Grafton) and a landmark in the display of information. The polymathic Joseph Priestly (1733-1804) was a British clergyman, theologian, scientist, political theorist, educator and prolific author with more than 150 works to his credit. Best known as a chemist, he […]

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[J.F.W. Des Barres, [A View of Portsmouth in Piscataqua River.] London: J.F.W. Des Barres, ca. 1780-81.]

Lovely aquatint view of Portsmouth New Hampshire from The Atlantic Neptune

A very rare and quite lovely aquatint view of Portsmouth Hew Hampshire, which supplanted an inferior line engraving of the same subject in The Atlantic Neptune. Background In 1764 the Lord Commissioners of Trade & Plantations appointed engineer Samuel Holland as Surveyor General of the Northern District of North America. In this capacity he was […]

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Engraved by G[eorge] W. Boynton / [Printed by Joseph Willard Tuttle], A MAP OF THE UNITED STATES, FROM THE LATEST SURVEYS. WITH THE HEIGHT OF MOUNTAINS And length of the PRINCIPAL RIVERS. PATENT. Boston: [Tremont Print Company? Joseph Willard Tuttle?], 1841.

Rare handkerchief map of the United States, printed in full color

A rare and decorative 1841 handkerchief map of the United States, one of only four early American cartographic textiles identified in Threads of History. Tuttle’s map depicts the United States to 24 degrees west of Washington, including parts of the territory just west of the Missouri River and of the Republic of Texas. The cartographic prototype […]

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Impressive set depicting an iconic victory by the USS Constitution

A scarce and desirable set of four naval prints depicting the progress of the December 29, 1812 duel between the USS Constitution and the 38-gun frigate HMS Java off the coast of Brazil. The Constitution, now commanded by William Bainbridge (hitherto best known for running the Philadelphia aground in Tripoli Harbor) gained another stunning American victory through superior […]

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Patriotic advertisement for “Schultz’s Star Soap”

A striking example of antique advertising with a patriotic theme, produced by a pioneer in direct-to-consumer marketing. The Schultz family of Zanesville, Ohio entered the soap business in the 1850s, when William Schultz purchased an existing soap factory. He brought his son Robert and nephew John Hoge into the business, and on his retirement in 1866 they […]

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