A scarce, quirky and decorative map of the New Sweden colony

A fascinating 18th-century map of the mid-Atlantic region, including the short-lived colony of New Sweden. Engraved in Upsala, Sweden by Jonas Silfverling, it was typically issued as a folding plate in Eric Tobias Biorck’s Dissertatio Gradualis de Plantatione Ecclesiae Svecanae in America. According to Streeter the Dissertatio was “the first book written by a native […]

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Charles Craig, A MAP of KENTUCKY BY CHARLES CRAIG. [Kentucky, ca. 1800.]

Schoolboy manuscript map of Kentucky, drawn on the frontier

A schoolboy map of Kentucky, remarkable for its size, excellent detail, Kentucky origins and superb provenance. “School” maps are frequently encountered on the antiquarian market; indeed, we have handled perhaps two dozen in the past decade. However, the vast majority of surviving examples were produced in New England, New York and Pennsylvania, and it is […]

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E[dward] K[ing] del., THE MICROCOSM OR WORLD IN MINIATURE. London: Edward King, January 1st 1849.

The World in Miniature … with Victoria and Albert at the center!

The only known example of The Microcosm or World in Miniature, an intensely Anglo-centric pictorial image of the world published at the height of the British Empire. The image features a circular diagram representing the world, with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at the center, surrounded by hundreds of individuals representing the many nations and […]

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Drawn from nature and lith. by John Bachmann / Charles Magnus Printing Establishment, PANORAMA OF THE SEAT OF WAR. BIRDS EYE VIEW OF VIRGINIA, MARYLAND DELAWARE AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. New York: Charles Magnus, 1861/4.

Striking bird’s-eye view of the theatre of civil war in the Mid-Atlantic

John Bachmann’s striking bird’s-eye view of the theatre of civil war in the Mid-Atlantic, issued to capitalize on patriotic enthusiasm in the early months of the conflict. Already by June 1861 Bachmann had issued a pioneering bird’s eye view of eastern Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. For the first time in the United States, […]

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RAND, McNALLY & CO.’S NEW SECTIONAL MAP OF THE Cherokee Outlet, To be opened to settlers at HIGH NOON… SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1893. Chicago and New York: Rand McNally & Co., 1893.

A great rarity, prepared for the Cherokee Outlet Land Run

A large, privately printed and extraordinarily rare map of the Cherokee Outlet prepared for the use of homesteaders in advance of the 1893 Land Rush. Background The 1836 Treaty of New Echota, concluded by the Jackson Administration, forced the Cherokee to cede all lands east of the Mississippi. In return they were granted a 228-mile […]

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Armour and Company makes the case that meat packing matters

A vibrant persuasive map of the United States by meatpacking giant Armour and Company, making the case for the strategic importance of its industry. Founded in the 1860s by Philip Danforth Amour (1832-1901), Armour and Company was a meatpacking pioneer, using refrigeration, assembly-line methods, canning and economies of scale to become the industry leader. For […]

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[Co. B, 660th Engrs. USA], FRANCE 1:25,000 [:] DEFENCES CARENTAN [:] Sheet No. 31/18 S.E. [:] Edition of June 1943 [:] Information as at May 44. [England,] May 1944.

Top-secret map of the key crossroads town of Carentan, prepared for D-Day

A rare “Top Secret” map depicting the area around Carentan, a key Normandy crossroads and the scene of ferocious fighting from June 6-13, 1944. The town’s capture by elements of the 101st Airborne Division consolidated the Omaha and Utah beachheads, giving American forces a continuous defensive line to face German counterattacks. The map was issued […]

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Co. B, 660th Engrs. USA, FRANCE 1:25,000 [:] DEFENCES STE. MERE EGLISE. [:] Sheet No. 31/18 N.E. [:] SECOND EDITION (APR. 44) [:] INFORMATION AS AT MAY 44. [England,] May 1944.

Top-secret Sainte-Mère-Eglise, the first French town liberated on D-Day

A rare “Top Secret” map depicting the area around Sainte-Mère-Eglise, a key Normandy crossroads and the first town liberated during Operation Overlord. The map was issued just weeks before D-Day, and has provenance to the aide-de-camp to U.S. Army Major General Harold W. Blakely (1893-1966), commander of the 4th Infantry Division, which spearheaded the landing […]

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Fireworks Graphics, SUPPORT THE BLACK LIBERATION ARMY & ALL NEW AFRIKAN FREEDOM FIGHTERS. [Oakland:] National Committee to Defend New Afrikan Freedom Fighters, ca. 1981.

Black Liberation Army poster with map of the Republic of New Afrika

A striking ca. 1981 Black Liberation Army (BLA) propaganda poster featuring a map of the Deep South reimagined as the Republic of New Afrika. The poster features a half-length portrait of BLA member Mtayari Shabaka Sundiata, killed in 1981 in a shoot-out with police after the robbery of a Brinks armored car in Nyack, New […]

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David Horsey, THE WORLD ACCORDING TO RONALD REAGAN. Seattle: Seattle Post Intelligencer, 1982.

1982 David Horsey map of The World According to Ronald Reagan

An entertaining 1982 persuasive map by David Horsey offering a liberal caricature of Ronald Reagan’s Cold Warrior world view. The map uses a pictorial style to depict the United States and Soviet Union wildly out of scale with the rest of the world. Reagan in full gunfighter regalia stands astride a hypertrophied California, while Leonid […]

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George-Christophe Würtz (1756-1823), Mappa Generalis Medicamentorum Simplicium secundum Affinitiates Virium Naturalium dispositorum. Strasburg: Bauer & Treuttel, 1778.

Mapping medications and their effects on the body

A rare and most unusual allegorical map, in which physician George-Christoph Würtz (1756-1823) arranged differing herbal simples according to their natural “affinity,” that is, based on the degree to which each consisted more or less of air, earth, fire (“phlogiston”), or water. The simples are arranged secondarily according to their effects on the human body, […]

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Gastronomic map from Charles Louis Cadet de Gassicourt,] COURS GASTRONOMIQUE, OU LES DINERS DE MANANT-VILLE… SECONDE ÉDITION. Paris: Imprimerie de Brasseur Ainé, 1809.

With the first gastronomic map

A small volume of essays on food, food science, food culture and related topics, illustrated by a pioneering gastronomic map of France. Author Cadet de Gassicourt (1769-1821) was an illegitimate son of Louis XV and a lawyer, chemist and apothecary. He was also a member of the Caveau Moderne, a men’s dining and social club […]

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H. Phelps, WORLD AT ONE VIEW. New York and Buffalo: Ensign & Thayer; Boston: Jos. A. Ward; and Cincinnati: Rufus Blanchard, 1847.

Humphrey Phelps offers the World at One View

An appealing, richly pictorial broadside map designed to impart to its American viewers, in a single, composite image, a sense of the wider world and by implication, their country’s place in it. World at One View is centered on a double-hemisphere world map, whose most interesting feature is a projected trans-continental railroad from New York […]

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Group shot of contents of Drawn and designed by August Ravenstein / Engraved and printed by B. Dondorf, Plastischer Schul-Atlas. Frankfurt am Main: B. Dondorf, [ca. 1854-1865.]

Ravenstein’s Plastischer Schul Atlas

An early edition of the Plastischer Schul Atlas … the first commercially-produced set of raised relief maps, intended for teaching purposes. This charming atlas includes matched sets of eight relief and eight sheet maps of the world, the six continents and Germany. The printing on the two sets is identical, though the coloring of the […]

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George Eldridge / G. W. Boynton, Sc., ELDRIDGE’S CHART OF CHESAPEAKE BAY, JAMES, YORK, RAPPAHANNOCK AND POTOMAC RIVERS. Compiled from the latest surveys by GEORGE ELDRIDGE, HYDROGRAPHER. Boston: S. Thaxter & Son, 1868/1895.

Monumental chart of Chesapeake Bay by George Eldridge

A mammoth George Eldridge chart depicting in detail the waters of Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers, most notably the James, York, Rappahannock, the Potomac (extending upstream to Washington, D.C.) and the Patuxent (to Baltimore). An inset at upper right, probably added for the 1888 edition, extends the coverage to Havre de Grace, Maryland. Thousands […]

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