Odo Staab, [Didactic manuscript map of Europe.] [Germany], 1813.

A remarkable work of educational folk art

A unique and utterly charming early 19th-century manuscript visual compendium, combining cartography and natural history and most likely executed for classroom or tutorial use.  The composition features a central map of Europe, likely based on one from Johannes Walch’s Allgemeiner Atlas, first issued in 1803.  The map is surrounded by a plethora of finely-detailed vignettes: portraits […]

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William Faden plan of the 1775-76 siege of Quebec

Superb William Faden plan of the 1775-76 Siege of Quebec

The finest contemporary plan of Montgomery and Arnold’s siege of Quebec during the opening year of the Revolution, published only four months after the lifting of the siege. In May 1775 a force under Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold captured the British forts at Crown Point and Ticonderoga, from which were taken the cannon that […]

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1798 plan of Alexandria Virginia

George Gilpin’s 1798 map of Alexandria Virginia

A scarce and attractive restrike of George Gilpin’s important and phenomenally rare 1798 plan of Alexandria Virginia. Gilpin’s plan depicts Alexandria Virginia at a period of rapid growth, when, as the lone port of entry on the Potomac, it was one of the country’s busiest ports. The simple gridded street plan is shown with street names […]

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William Charles (artist, engraver and publisher), JOHN BULL and the BALTIMOREANS. Philadelphia, [1814].

William Charles satire on the heroic defense of Baltimore in 1814

A scarce and visually striking political cartoon by William Charles satirizing the failed British attack on Baltimore in September 1814. Though the British had declared a blockade of the mid-Atlantic coast early in the War of 1812, most of the first two years’ fighting took place along the American-Canadian border. In mid-1814 however, the British […]

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Major A. LaCarriere Latour Late principal Engineer 7th Military District U.S. Army, A GENERAL MAP of the seat of War in Louisiana & West Florida shewing all the fortified Points and encampments of both the American and British Armies also the march of Genl. Jackson’s army on his expedition against Pensacola. Philadelphia, 1816.

1816 map of the Seat of War in Louisiana & West Florida

A fine map of the southern theatre of the War of 1812, encompassing the area from Pensacola to western Louisiana, drawn by an American participant. The Gulf Region saw a great deal of fighting during the War of 1812, involving not only American and British armies, but the Spanish (who still nominally controlled West Florida), […]

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Jacob B. Schoener, [Manuscript diary of a journey to Key West and Havana from New York.] New York, Key West, Havana and elsewhere, 1841-2.

Illustrated diary of an early voyage to Key West and Havana

A detailed and attractively illustrated diary recording artist Jacob B. Schoener’s journey to Key West and Havana in 1841-42. With vivid descriptions and appealing sketches of Key West, Havana, the natural history of those regions, and observations related to the ongoing Second Seminole War. Born in 1805 in Reading, Pennsylvania, Schoener was the son of […]

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John Bachmann, THE SEAT OF WAR. BIRD’S EYE VIEW OF Part of MARYLAND, DISTR OF COLUMBIA and Part of VIRGINIA. New York: A. Rumpf, 1861.

John Bachmann’s pioneering 1861 bird’s-eye view of the Tidewater region

A scarce, striking and pioneering bird’s-eye view of the theatre of civil war in the Mid-Atlantic States, issued by John Bachmann to capitalize on patriotic enthusiasm prior to First Bull Run. After the capture of Fort Sumter on April 14, 1861, President Lincoln declared the South in a state of insurrection and called for 75,000 volunteers […]

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