Osgood Carleton, AN ACCURATE MAP of THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS Exclusive of the DISTRICT of MAINE Compiled pursuant to an ACT of the GENERAL COURT From Actual Surveys of the several Towns, &c.... Boston: Published and Sold by O. Carleton & J. Norman, [1798.]

Osgood Carleton’s 1798 Accurate Map of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

A great rarity, this seminal map by Osgood Carleton is by far the best 18th-century map of Massachusetts and one of the earliest officially-sponsored maps of an American state. With extensive expert restoration and priced accordingly, but all-but unobtainable in any condition. The map’s large scale of six miles to the inch gave mapmaker Osgood […]

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Daniel Allen and Daniel P. Macy, A plat of North Pasture laid out by the subscribers who were employed by the agents of the Proprietors by virtue of a vote of the Proprietors taken 3d of 4mo 1821 agreeable to the report. Nantucket 10mo 27th 1821. Received 27th 10 mo. 1821 and recorded in the Proprietors Book of Plats 2 mo 11th 1821. By Obed Macy Proprietors Clerk. Nantucket, Oct. 27, 1821.

19th-century survey dividing Nantucket common lands at North Pasture

An 1821 survey recording the division of common lands at the North Pasture a couple of miles east of the town of Nantucket, a process as controversial as it was important. Though this manuscript has obviously had a hard life, the document is a rare survival: While Nantucket institutions hold substantial cartographic archives related to […]

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J[ames] H[amilton] Young, A NEW MAP OF TEXAS WITH THE CONTIGUOUS AMERICAN & MEXICAN STATES. Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, 1836 [copyright 1835].

One of the earliest Texas maps of the Republic era

The first Republic-era edition (and second overall) of this important map of Texas, published in May 1836 just weeks after it declared its independence from Mexico. The map clearly reflects current events by depicting the Republic as a distinct political entity, much shaped by the land grants to and improvements made by its American settlers. In the […]

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Spectacular view of the Statue of Liberty by Currier & Ives

A spectacular Currier & Ives view of the Statue of Liberty, issued to commemorate its unveiling in October 1886. The view depicts the statue and Bedloe’s (now Liberty) Island as seen from the southwest, with lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge in the far background. The low angle, the strategic placement of tiny human figures […]

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E. McD.  Johnstone / Dickman-Jones Co. Lith., THE UNIQUE MAP OF CALIFORNIA. San Francisco: Southern Pacific Company and the State Board of Trade of California, [ca. 1888.]

The Unique Map of California

A very scarce map of California, combining attractive color, imagery, thematic and persuasive elements to yield a decorative and promotional tour de force.   This remarkable promotional map depicts each California county, along with its acreage, primary agricultural products and extractive industries.  Superimposed on the map are no fewer than 20 pictorial vignettes emphasize both the […]

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T[homas] Campbell-Copeland], ‘“The Battle-Ground of the Presidential Election[:] Illustrated in a Series of Charts Showing the Political Complexion of the United States by States, an of the Doubtful States by Counties.” [in:] Harper’s Weekly vol. XXXII no. 1659 (Oct. 6, 1888). New York: Harper & Brothers, Oct. 6, 1888.

Mapping the battleground states of the 1888 presidential election

A fascinating set of thematic maps previewing the battleground states in the 1888 presidential election, which pitted incumbent Grover Cleveland, a New York Democrat, against Indiana Republican Benjamin Harrison. The maps were published as a supplement to the Oct. 6, 1888 Harper’s Weekly, accompanying an article of the same title by journalist and statistician T. […]

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SWPA NEWSMAP JAN.-JULY 1944 VOL. 1 [with:] SWPA NEWSMAP JULY.-DECEMBER. 1944 VOL.2 [with:] SWPA NEWSMAP JANUARY-APRIL 1945 VOL.3. [Sydney, Australia]: Information and Education Section, United States Army Forces in the Far East, 1944-1945.

A nearly-complete run of Southwest Pacific Newsmaps, 1944-1945, with particular emphasis on the recapture of the Philippines

A nearly complete run of Southwest Pacific Newsmaps, documenting the war in the Southwest Pacific from January 1944 through April 1945. Highly informative, visually appealing, and very, very rare. During the Second World War the United States War Department published hundreds of weekly Newsmaps, for distribution to military installations, domestic industry and political leaders. These […]

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Glen F. Brown, Richard A. Bramkamp, Leon F. Ramirez, Roy O. Jackson, Simon H. Kfoury, et al., ARABIAN PENINSULA [:] MISCELLANEOUS GEOLOGIC INVESTIGATIONS MAP I-270 B-1. Washington, D.C.: The Survey (U.S. Geological Society), 1958.

A foundation map of the 20th-century petroleum industry

The scarce 1958 first edition of this landmark oil map of Saudi Arabia, the product of a remarkable partnership between the Saudi and American governments, Saudi Aramco, and the U.S. Geological Survey. This is one of the most influential oil maps ever produced, being the first accurate and comprehensive general oil map of the entire […]

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Iusto Danckers [aka Justus Danckerts], NOVI BELGII NOVAEQUE ANGLIAE NEC NON PENNSYLVANIAE ET PARTIS VIRGINIAE TABULA multis in locis emendata. [Amsterdam]: Justo Danckers, [ca. 1690.]

Justus Danckerts’ map of the New Netherlands

Justus Danckerts’ take on the iconic 17th-century map of the New Netherlands, New England, Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland and Virginia. The so-called “Jansson-Visscher” series of maps began with Johannes Jansson’s 1651 Belgii Novi, which was published in Amsterdam and patriotically depicted a sprawling New Netherlands with a tiny New England confined east of the […]

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PONY EXPRESS. No place, no date [but 1860-61].

Spectacular Pony Express promotional broadside

A very large and vivid xylographic Pony Express promotional broadside, its size and visual impact unmatched by any other Pony Express image with which we are acquainted. Only the second example known. The broadside features a proud upright rider, his bearing and posture remarkably calm considering that the horse under him is in full gallop. […]

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John H. Renshawe / United States Geological Survey, PANORAMIC VIEW OF THE MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK, WASHINGTON. [Washington, D.C.]: Department of the Interior, [1914?]

Striking panoramic View of Mount Rainier National Park by John Renshawe

A striking bird’s-eye view of Mount Rainier National Park, prepared by John H. Renshawe from topographic sheets of the United States Geological Survey (USGS). After years of lobbying by John Muir, the Sierra Club, the National Geographic Society an other groups, in 1899 Congress established Mount Rainier as the United States’ fifth national park. The […]

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Concept: Earl Crabb / Art: Rick Shubb, HUMBEAD’S REVISED MAP OF THE WORLD WITH LIST OF POPULATION. Berkeley: Humbead Enterprises, 1968.

Rare first edition of Humbead’s Revised Map of the World (1968)

A justly-iconic product of the late-60s, Humbead’s Revised Map distills the world to its essentials, or at least to the places and people most “top of mind” for the American counterculture.  The map depicts the world as consolidated in a single, psychedelic Pangaea comprising Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, New York City and Cambridge, with […]

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