Lewis Evans / Benjamin Franklin (printer) / James Turner (engraver), A general MAP of the MIDDLE BRITISH COLONIES, in AMERICA; Viz VIRGINIA, MARILAND, DELAWARE, PENSILVANIA, NEW-JERSEY, NEW-YORK, CONNECTICUT, and RHODE ISLAND: Of AQUANISHUONÎGY, the Country of the Confederate Indians; … By Lewis Evans. 1755. [Bound in:] Geographical, Historical, Political, Philosophical and Mechanical ESSAYS. The FIRST, Containing An ANALYSIS Of a General MAP of the MIDDLE BRITISH COLONIES IN AMERICA; And of the Country of the Confederate Indians; A Description of the Face of the Country;…By LEWIS EVANS. The second EDITION. PHILADELPHIA: Printed by B. FRANKLIN, and D. HALL. MDCCLV. And sold by J. and R. DODSLEY, in Pall-Mall, London.

Gorgeous example of Lewis Evans’ Map of the Middle British Colonies

A superb example in full original color of the rare first state of the Lewis Evans Map of the Middle British Colonies, called by Schwartz and Ehrenberg “the most ambitious performance of its kind undertaken in America up to that time.” Bound in, as issued, to Evans’ Analysis of a General Map of the Middle […]

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William Charles (artist and engraver) / [Samuel Kennedy (publisher)], The Hartford Convention or LEAP NO LEAP. [Philadelphia, Dec. 10, 1814.]

War of 1812 political cartoon skewering the Hartford Convention

A scarce and striking political cartoon satirizing the 1814 Hartford Convention, at which delegates from New England states contemplated secession from the Union. Background: The War of 1812 Following the ratification of the Constitution and against the hopes of the Founders, American politics rapidly organized into a two-party system that approximately mirrored sectional differences: Roughly […]

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Frederick Marryat (artist) / George Cruickshank (etcher), An Interesting scene, on board an East-Indiaman, showing the Effects of a heavy Lurch, after dinner. London: George Humphrey, November 9, 1818.

Frederick Marryat satire of life at sea

Frederick Marryat (1792-1848) was a distinguished officer in the Royal Navy, serving from 1806 to 1830, seeing action during the Napoleonic War and in the War of 1812. When Napoleon died on St. Helena, Marryat was entrusted with command of the vessel with the responsibility of delivering the official despatch to London. With the arrival […]

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The earliest image of police as pigs?

An unusual and very rare broadside depicting a Worcester, Massachusetts scandal and possibly featuring the earliest known image of police as pigs. The broadside depicts three policemen with pig’ ears and snouts storming into a couple’s bedroom. The astonished man stands before them in his nightshirt, presenting a document (perhaps a marriage certificate) for their inspection. […]

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[ Election of 1872 ] Thomas A. Davies / Smart Sc[ulpsit?], WAR! WAR! WAR! TO THE KNIFE ON POLITICAL CORRUPTION. [:] POLITICAL SMASH-UP. Washington, 1872.

Wildly-inventive cartoon attacking corruption during the Election of 1872

A rare and astonishingly complex cartoon attacking American political corruption during the Election of 1872. No names are named, but the villainous “Big Politician” is surely a stand in for Boss Tweed, the Grant Administration, or more likely both.    This is one of three or four cartoons produced in 1872 by Thomas Albert Davies, a […]

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Litografia Francesco Casanova e Figlio, Questione Ispano-Americana – ossia – Armistizio, Guerra, Pace – ovvero – Come finirà? Bologna, 1898.

Italian political satire on the looming Spanish-American War

A striking political cartoon from the Bolognese journal La Rana, probably issued in early 1898 as tensions between Spain and the United States were coming to a head. Spain, astride a bull and holding her “little king” in her left arm, charges at America, in the guise of a beautiful young woman wearing a liberty […]

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[ Kaiser Wilhelm ] A. Delaye, LE RÈVE DU FOU[:] THE MADMAN’S DREAM. Paris: Ch[arles?] Delaye, 1914.

Kaiser Wilhelm as a madman

A vivid and all-but unrecorded French pictorial map attacking Kaiser Wilhelm early in the First World War. Illustrator Delaye depicts the Kaiser in a pose reminiscent of Frankenstein, lurching toward western Europe with his hands outstretched, dripping blood, while his right boot reaches toward the French possessions in North Africa. A bright-red Germany serves as […]

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Edward McCandlish, BOOTLEGGER’s MAP of the United States[:] “Honi soit qui mal y pints!” Detroit: The Griswold Press, 1926.

The famous Bootlegger’s Map of the United States

A marvelously entertaining 1926 pictorial map satirizing Prohibition and celebrating illegal alcohol consumption and production. From the moment the Volstead Act took effect in January 1920, Prohibition in the United States was crippled by exceptions written into the law, the impossibility of enforcement in a nation with tens of millions of thirsty citizens, and thousand […]

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