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Group shot of contents of Drawn and designed by August Ravenstein / Engraved and printed by B. Dondorf, Plastischer Schul-Atlas. Frankfurt am Main: B. Dondorf, [ca. 1854-1865.]

Ravenstein’s Plastischer Schul Atlas

An early edition of the Plastischer Schul Atlas … the first commercially-produced set of raised relief maps, intended for teaching purposes. This charming atlas includes matched sets of eight relief and eight sheet maps of the world, the six continents and Germany. The printing on the two sets is identical, though the coloring of the […]

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Jeu des Explorateurs game published by Charles Watilliaux in 1898

Rare geographic game by Charles Watilliaux

A very rare and educational geographic game by prolific publisher Charles Watilliaux inspired by Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days. With very high production values and remarkably complete and well preserved. The game consists of eight itineraries for voyages around the world, the first of which replicates that of Verne’s novel. All start […]

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Albert Sebille and Jean Druet (under direction of Jacques Babu), LA SECURITE LA PROSPERITE DE L’EMPIRE FRANCAIS EXIGENT DE NOTRE PAYS UNE MARINE FORTE ET TOUJOURS PRETE. Paris: Chassany & Cie, éditeurs, for the Ministerre de la Marine, ca. 1940.

Propaganda poster celebrating the French Navy

A rare and striking propaganda poster celebrating the importance and might of the French Navy, probably issued on the eve of the German invasion in 1940. The poster features a central map of the world, with France, its colonies and territories highlighted in yellow, major shipping routes in red, and tiny triangles indicating French naval […]

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[F. E. Cheeseman], AVIATION CAVALCADE. Milwaukee, WI: Albert Richard, 1944.

F. E. Cheeseman’s Aviation Cavalcade

Aviation Cavalcade is an exuberant pictorial map highlighting American might near the end of WWII… published to promote, of all things, a men’s clothing company in Milwaukee!  The map depicts a huge range of American military aircraft—real and imaginary–dominating the skies over an oddly-rendered north polar projection of the world, with nary an Axis plane […]

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Edward L[indsay] Bell, WORLD STAMP CHART[:] COUNTRIES AND COLONIES LOCATED. Cambridge, Mass.: Edward L. Bell, 1948.

A rare World Stamp Chart from 1948

A rare relic of a bygone era when stamp collecting was still a big deal. The chart features a central map of the world (ca. 8”h x 13”w), surrounded by a table listing “the locations of all countries & colonies that have or are issuing postage stamps.” Each listed location is keyed to the map […]

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Genevieve Foster, A TIME CHART [:] from the first date on the calendar of Egypt to the birth of the United States of America. Chicago: Denoyer-Geppert Company, 1953.

A scarce and unusual chart of world history by artist Genevieve Foster

A rare and visually striking chronological chart of world history, attempting to show the parallel development of, and interactions between, the great empires of Europe, Africa and Western and Central Asia. Like many such efforts, it presents the United States as the culmination and high point of “the story of freedom,” while giving short shrift […]

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NATO [:] NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION. [Canada or the United States, 1955?]

An early map of the NATO alliance

A rare and rather spectacular map of the NATO alliance, depicting member states in blue, the Soviet Union in red, and its satellites in orange. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was established in August 1949 as a mutual-defense pact to counter the Soviet bloc. NATO’s original members including the United States and 11 Western […]

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[After David Horsey], THE WORLD ACCORDING TO RONALD REAGAN. Information Center of the World Peace Council , [1982-83?].

World Peace Council edition of the World According to Ronald Reagan

An entertaining persuasive map from the early years of the Ronald Reagan Presidency, published by the Helsinki-based World Peace Council and offering a liberal caricature of the Great Communicator’s world view. The map depicts the United States and Soviet Union wildly out of scale with the rest of the world. The United States is divided […]

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