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A. Duplessy [Duplessis], GLOBE PLAT OU MAPPE-MONDE d’une Projection nouvelle DÉDIÉE ET PRÉSENTÉE A S. A. S. MGR. LE PCE. DE CONTI. Paris: A. Duplessy, [1769-70.]

Rare 18th-century paper instrument with an unusual flat earth projection

A rare and unusual instrument, featuring a volvelle with a distinctive flat earth projection of the world. One of only three examples located. The instrument consists of a large engraved diagram mounted on a heavy pasteboard backing, as issued. The central feature of the diagram is a map of the world projected on a single […]

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Matthew Carey Atlas Minimus Philadelphia 1798

Matthew Carey’s Philadelphia edition of the Atlas Minimus

 A scarce and charming miniature atlas of the world published by Mathew Carey in Philadelphia in 1798. The small (“pocket”) format, and presumably its corresponding affordability, suggest both the increasing mobility of Americans and a growing thirst for geographical knowledge among the middle classes. Carey’s work is based closely on the atlas of the same […]

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A superb polychrome transferware tankard adorned with a double-hemispherre world map

A delightful transferware tankard featuring an archaic double-hemisphere world map with allegorical figures of the continents at the corners, all surmounted by a rising sun. The tankard is remarkable for both its vivid polychrome decoration and superb, unrestored condition. The transfer technique, developed in England in the mid 18th century, involves printing from an engraved […]

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James Wilson and Isaac Eddy, engravers, CHRONOLOGY DELINEATED TO ILLUSTRATE THE HISTORY OF MONARCHICAL REVOLUTIONS. Weathersfield, VT: Isaac Eddy, 1813.

Chronology Delineated

The Chronology Delineated, employing a striking tree metaphor to depict the rise and fall of world governments from precisely 4004 BC (the date of the “universal Deluge”) to the beginning of the 19th century. Engraved by James Wilson and Isaac Eddy, two leading figures in the early 19th-century flourishing of the engraving arts in Vermont’s […]

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Soren Eliasen Holm's SAMLING af 50 smaae Landkort i Traesnit

Rare Danish world atlas

The “Samling af 50 smaae Landkort,” a charming 1829 Danish-language school atlas compiled and published by a troubled educator. The atlas includes a double-sheet map of the world and 49 single-sheet maps of the continents; European countries, Russia and Turkey; and Danish regions, all in early outline color (The title calls for 50 maps, counting […]

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Group shot of contents of Drawn and designed by August Ravenstein / Engraved and printed by B. Dondorf, Plastischer Schul-Atlas. Frankfurt am Main: B. Dondorf, [ca. 1854-1865.]

Ravenstein’s Plastischer Schul Atlas

An early edition of the Plastischer Schul Atlas … the first commercially-produced set of raised relief maps, intended for teaching purposes. This charming atlas includes matched sets of eight relief and eight sheet maps of the world, the six continents and Germany. The printing on the two sets is identical, though the coloring of the […]

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[On broadside:] THE ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH. / [on boards:] BACON’S CHART OF THE ATLANTIC TELEGRAPH… London: Bacon & Co., [Summer 1865?]  

Celebrating the Atlantic Telegraph

A terrific and very rare broadside, explaining and celebrating the technology of the Atlantic telegraph and the 1865 attempt to lay a second transatlantic Cable. After a number of failed attempts, in early August 1858 Cyrus Field’s Atlantic Telegraph Company succeeded in laying a cable between Ireland’s Valencia Bay and Trinity Bay in Newfoundland. The […]

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TERRESTRIAL GLOBE 6” DIA[.] GEOGRAPHIC EDUCATOR. New York: Geographic Educator Corp., 1927.

The Geographic Educator … a charming puzzle globe, scarce in complete condition

A charming but short-lived experiment in geographic education, the Geographic Educator opens in sections to reveal six jigsaw puzzle maps of the continents. “The Geographic Educator Corporation existed in New York City for just two years prior to the Great Depression. The firm manufactured small world globes as educational toys for children. Besides standard globes, Geographic […]

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