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[ Andrew Ellicott after Pierre L’Enfant] / Engraved by Thackara & Vallance, PLAN of the CITY of Washington in the Territory of Columbia, ceded by the States of VIRGINIA and MARYLAND to the United States of America, and by them established as the SEAT of their GOVERNMENT, after the Year MDCCC. Philadelphia, [November] 1792.

The Pierre L’Enfant – Andrew Ellicott plan of Washington, D.C.

Pierre L’Enfant’s magnificent design for Washington, D.C. as rendered by Andrew Ellicott — arguably the finest and most consequential of all 18th-century American city plans. Due to the vicissitudes of war and sectional politics, the site of the permanent American capital remained unsettled for years after independence. In fact, prior to 1790 Congress met variously […]

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[ United States Capitol ] “Drawn & Etched by C[harles] A[ugustin] Busby, Architect, from measurements and documents obtained by himself on the spot, 1819”, THE CAPITOL AT WASHINGTON. ELEVATION OF THE PRINCIPAL FRONT. London: by the Author, 1823.

Fine and rare view of the United States Capitol Building by Charles Busby

A very fine and rare engraved elevation view of the United States Capitol Building. Drawn by British architect Charles Busby during its restoration following the burning of Washington during the War of 1812. Busby’s view depicts the façade of the Capitol as seen from the East. Other than the symmetrical north (Senate) and south (House) […]

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[ William Bennett ]Painted by G. Cooke / Engd. by W[illiam] J[ames] Bennett, CITY OF WASHINGTON From beyond the Navy Yard. New York: Lewis P. Clover, 180 Fulton St. N.Y., [ca. 1834.]

Lovely William Bennett aquatint of Washington, D.C.

One of the great views of Washington, D.C., emphasizing the city’s magnificent natural setting at the junction of the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers. Executed in aquatint by William Bennett, one of America’s great landscape engravers.  The view depicts the capital as seen looking westward from the south bank of the Anacostia River. The city’s major landmarks […]

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Oliver Whitwell Wilson Architect, WASHINGTON DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Our Nation's Capital. Arlington, VA: Lintner Maps, 1948/“Retouched 1949”.

Splendid pictorial map of Washington, D.C.

A most appealing 1949 pictorial map of Washington, D.C. rendered as a bird’s-eye view of the city as seen looking southwest across the Potomac River from an imaginary point high above Arlington, Virginia. The view depicts Washington, Georgetown and surroundings, including Arlington and Rosslyn in the foreground, with the recently-built Pentagon prominently shown, and, in […]

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