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Lith. by A. Hoen & Co., Baltimore, MAP OF APPOMATTOX COURT HOUSE AND VICINITY. Showing the relative positions of the Confederate and Federal Armies at the time of General Lee’s Surrender, April 9th, 1865. Baltimore: Henderson & Co., 1866.

Rare map of the positions at Lee’s surrender at Appomattox

A most attractive and unobtainably rare map of the Confederate and Union positions at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865, the date on which Robert E. Lee surrendered of the Army of Northern Virginia. By early April 1865 Lee’s army had been whittled down by battle, sickness, hunger and desertion to fewer than 30,000 […]

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Fielding Lucas, Jr. / Engraved by John and William W. Warr / [Sold by] Hagger & Brother, A Chart of the CHESAPEAKE AND DELAWARE Bays. Baltimore: Fielding Lucas, Jr., [1832] / copyright 1852 / 1862.

Impressive 1862 chart of Chesapeake and Delaware Bays by Fielding Lucas

A scarce and very appealing chart of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays, with coverage upstream to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, and well up the Rappahanock, York and James Rivers. Soundings extend along the eastern shore into the lower Chester River, Eastern Bay, the mouth of the Choptank, and Tangier Sound, and the entrances to both […]

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1940s restrike from original plate of George Gilpin 1798 plan of Alexandria Virginia

Rare restrike George Gilpin’s 1798 map of Alexandria Virginia

A scarce and attractive restrike of George Gilpin’s important and phenomenally rare 1798 plan of Alexandria Virginia. NB: For some reason the plan did not photograph well; in person its appearance is excellent. Gilpin’s plan depicts Alexandria at a period of rapid growth, when as the lone port of entry on the Potomac it was one […]

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1794 William Norman chart of Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay

Chesapeake Bay from John Norman’s “American Pilot”

A mammoth, detailed and rare 18th-century American chart of Chesapeake Bay. From John and William Norman’s American Pilot, one of the earliest atlases published in the United States. This impressive chart depicts the complex coast from New Jersey south to just below Cape Henry, Virginia. It provides an immense amount of detail for Delaware Bay […]

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Joshua Fry and Peter Jefferson, A MAP of the most INHABITED part of VIRGINIA containing the whole PROVINCE OF Maryland with Part of PENSILVANIA, NEW JERSEY AND NORTH CAROLINA. London: Robert Sayer at No. 53 in Fleet Street & Thomas Jefferys at the Corner of St. Martins Lane, Charing Cross [but Sayer & Bennett], 1775.

Fry & Jefferson’s Map of the Most Inhabited Part of Virginia

The 1775 edition of Fry and Jefferson’s epochal Map of the Most Inhabited Part of Virginia, praised as “the basic cartographical document for Virginia of the eighteenth century [and] the first map of Virginia by Virginians” (Coolie Verner) and “the definitive eighteenth century cartographic document for the colony of Virginia.” (Taliaferro)  In scope, content and […]

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[English Pilot] VIRGINIA, MARYLAND, PENNSILVANIA, East & West NEW JERSEY. London: Sold by Jno. Mount & Thos. Page Tower Hill, [1689/ca. 1773].

Delaware Bay and Chesapeake Bay, from the English Pilot. The Fourth Book

An important early chart of the Delaware and Chesapeake Bay regions from The English Pilot. The Fourth Book, based upon the seminal work of Augustine Hermann.  The chart depicts the coast from Staten Island as far south as modern-day Virginia Beach. The geography is based largely on that of Augustine Hermann’s monumental 1673 map Virginia and […]

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