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[English Pilot] VIRGINIA, MARYLAND, PENNSILVANIA, East & West NEW JERSEY. London: Sold by Jno. Mount & Thos. Page Tower Hill, [1689/ca. 1773].

Delaware Bay and Chesapeake Bay, from the English Pilot. The Fourth Book

An important early chart of the Delaware and Chesapeake Bay regions from The English Pilot. The Fourth Book, based upon the seminal work of Augustine Hermann.  The chart depicts the coast from Staten Island as far south as modern-day Virginia Beach. The geography is based largely on that of Augustine Hermann’s monumental 1673 map Virginia and […]

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Prospectus for the Compagnie Franco-Américaine … with three unrecorded maps!

Very rare mid-19th-century French prospectus promoting investment in the Compagnie Franco-Americaine, which proposed to operate transatlantic passenger steamers between L’Orient and Norfolk, Virginia. With three seemingly unrecorded maps charting the journey from Lorient in Brittany to Norfolk, Virginia, and thence via railroad into the interior of the United States. The opening of the American West […]

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Confederate plan of First Bull Run

A rare Confederate plan of the First Battle of Bull Run, the first major encounter of the Civil War and an infamous disaster for the Union. Almost certainly published within weeks of the battle, it has a wonderful immediacy to the events depicted, and though rather crudely executed is replete with information. This is one […]

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Drawn from nature and lith. by John Bachmann / Charles Magnus Printing Establishment, PANORAMA OF THE SEAT OF WAR. BIRDS EYE VIEW OF VIRGINIA, MARYLAND DELAWARE AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. New York: Charles Magnus, 1861/4.

Striking bird’s-eye view of the theatre of civil war in the Mid-Atlantic

John Bachmann’s striking bird’s-eye view of the theatre of civil war in the Mid-Atlantic, issued to capitalize on patriotic enthusiasm in the early months of the conflict. Already by June 1861 Bachmann had issued a pioneering bird’s eye view of eastern Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. For the first time in the United States, […]

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George Eldridge / G. W. Boynton, Sc., ELDRIDGE’S CHART OF CHESAPEAKE BAY, JAMES, YORK, RAPPAHANNOCK AND POTOMAC RIVERS. Compiled from the latest surveys by GEORGE ELDRIDGE, HYDROGRAPHER. Boston: S. Thaxter & Son, 1868/1895.

Monumental chart of Chesapeake Bay by George Eldridge

A mammoth George Eldridge chart depicting in detail the waters of Chesapeake Bay and its tributary rivers, most notably the James, York, Rappahannock, the Potomac (extending upstream to Washington, D.C.) and the Patuxent (to Baltimore). An inset at upper right, probably added for the 1888 edition, extends the coverage to Havre de Grace, Maryland. Thousands […]

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