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[English Pilot] VIRGINIA, MARYLAND, PENNSILVANIA, East & West NEW JERSEY. London: Sold by Jno. Mount & Thos. Page Tower Hill, [1689/ca. 1773].

Delaware Bay and Chesapeake Bay, from the English Pilot. The Fourth Book

An important early chart of the Delaware and Chesapeake Bay regions from The English Pilot. The Fourth Book, based upon the seminal work of Augustine Hermann.  The chart depicts the coast from Staten Island as far south as modern-day Virginia Beach. The geography is based largely on that of Augustine Hermann’s monumental 1673 map Virginia and […]

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1794 William Norman chart of Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay

Rare 1794 chart of Chesapeake Bay from Norman’s “American Pilot”

A mammoth, detailed and rare 18th-century American chart of Chesapeake Bay. From John and William Norman’s American Pilot, one of the earliest atlases published in the United States. This impressive chart depicts the complex coast from New Jersey south to just below Cape Henry, Virginia. It provides an immense amount of detail for Delaware Bay […]

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[Mount Vernon] General George Washington / Arthur Young, Esq. F.R.S. (editor) / printed by B. McMillan, LETTERS FROM HIS EXCELLENCY GEORGE WASHINGTON, TO ARTHUR YOUNG, ESQ. F.R.S. CONTAINING AN ACCOUNT OF HIS HUSBANDRY, WITH A MAP OF HIS FARM… London: W. J. and J. Richardson and J. Hatchard, 1801.

With George Washington’s own map of Mount Vernon

A fascinating volume of correspondence between George Washington and a prominent English agronomist, illustrated by Washington’s own map of his Mount Vernon estate.  Following his retirement from active service in 1783, Washington devoted much of his time to the maintenance and improvement of his vast estate of Mount Vernon. Soon thereafter he began an extensive […]

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William Charles Johnny Bull and the Alexandrians

Johnny Bull and the Alexandrians, by William Charles

A scarce, striking and trenchant War of 1812 political cartoon by William Charles mocking the citizens of Alexandria for their feeble defense against “Johnny Bull” during the 1814 Chesapeake campaign. Charles depicts Great Britain as a bipedal bull in sailor’s garb, wielding a saber in one “hand” and “Terms of Capitulation” in the other. To […]

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Confederate plan of First Bull Run

A rare Confederate plan of the First Battle of Bull Run, the first major encounter of the Civil War and an infamous disaster for the Union. Almost certainly published within weeks of the battle, it has a wonderful immediacy to the events depicted, and though rather crudely executed is replete with information. This is one […]

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Case map of eastern Virginia, for use by commanders in the Union Army

An impressive Civil War map of southeastern Virginia, compiled by the Topographical Engineers for use of commanders in the Union Army. The map shows cities, towns, and settlements; waterways, bridges, roads and railroads; and other details such as fortifications around Richmond, plantations along the James (including Carter and Westover), and slate quarries and gold in the […]

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Joseph G. Bruff / Lith. of P.S. Duval, ARMY MAP OF THE SEAT OF WAR IN VIRGINIA, SHOWING THE BATTLE FIELDS FORTIFICATIONS etc. on & near the POTOMAC RIVER. New York: J. Disturnell and Washington, D.C.: Hudson Taylor, 1862.

A rare and patriotic 1862 map of the Seat of War in Virginia

A rare and patriotic 1862 map showing the progress—or lack thereof–of the Union war effort in the border region around Washington D.C. and the Potomac River. The map provides a beautiful and detailed depiction of the contested Potomac River border region during the first year of Civil War. It emphasizes the topographical and man-made features […]

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German-language map of Grant’s Overland Campaign

An extremely rare broadside map of the Richmond, Virginia area, published for by G.W. Colton New York’s German population during Grant’s Overland Campaign of May-June 1864. The Overland Campaign of the Civil War began in May 1864 and entailed almost two months of nonstop, bloody fighting at The Wilderness, Spotsylvania Courthouse, Cold Harbor and elsewhere. […]

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