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T[homas] Campbell-Copeland], ‘“The Battle-Ground of the Presidential Election[:] Illustrated in a Series of Charts Showing the Political Complexion of the United States by States, an of the Doubtful States by Counties.” [in:] Harper’s Weekly vol. XXXII no. 1659 (Oct. 6, 1888). New York: Harper & Brothers, Oct. 6, 1888.

Mapping the battleground states of the 1888 presidential election

A fascinating set of thematic maps previewing the battleground states in the 1888 presidential election, which pitted incumbent Grover Cleveland, a New York Democrat, against Indiana Republican Benjamin Harrison. The maps were published as a supplement to the Oct. 6, 1888 Harper’s Weekly, accompanying an article of the same title by journalist and statistician T. […]

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1912 United States of Guggenheimerica

Cartoon map taking aim at the Guggenheim mining empire

An unusual and mildly anti-Semitic cartographic cartoon from 1912 taking aim at the power of the Guggenheim Family and their purported corrupt dealings in Alaska. The cartoon depicts the United States in outline, towered over by eight of its industrial titans. East of the Mississippi are Morgan, Rockefeller and Carnegie, glaring across the river at […]

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VOTES FOR WOMEN A SUCCESS [:] The Map Proves It. New York City: National Woman Suffrage Publishing Company, Inc., February, 1914.

Rare women’s suffrage handbill with an iconic persuasive map

A clever handbill arguing for the expansion of voting rights for women in the United States, using a persuasive map to highlight the expansion of suffrage across the states. The handbill features a small map of the United States, with the states shown in simple outline and shaded according to the extent of voting rights enjoyed by […]

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John C. Mulford, Chief Cartographer / C. C. Faunce, Cartographer / A. Hoen & Co., Baltimore, GOOD ROADS EVERYWHERE[:] TOURING EASTERN UNITED STATES SHOWING 100,000 MILES OF MAIN TRAVELED HIGHWAYS…. Washington, D.C.: National Highways Association, Automobile Club of America and Keystone Automobile Club, 1926.

Pitching a “Four-Fold System of Highways”

An exuberant and entertaining 1926 persuasive map of the Eastern United States by the National Highways Association (NHA), touting construction “of a system of 250,000 miles of United States highways … to be built and forever maintained by the United States Government.” The map depicts the eastern section of a vast proposed national highway network, […]

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Armour and Company makes the case that meat packing matters

A vibrant persuasive map of the United States by meatpacking giant Armour and Company, making the case for the strategic importance of its industry. Founded in the 1860s by Philip Danforth Amour (1832-1901), Armour and Company was a meatpacking pioneer, using refrigeration, assembly-line methods, canning and economies of scale to become the industry leader. For […]

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Earl Purdy / Division of Information Federal Public Works Administration, PWA REBUILDS THE NATION. Washington, D.C.: Public Works Administration, [1935-39?]

Vibrant government poster promoting the New Deal and the Public Works Administration

A delightful Depression-era propaganda map issued by Federal Government to promote the contributions of the Public Works Administration, one of the major programs in FDR’s New Deal. The PWA was established by the 1933 National Industrial Recovery Act and was tasked with spending billions on major public construction projects to generate employment and help stabilize […]

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Compiled and edited by Joseph P. Kamp and A. Cloyd Gill, THE FIFTH COLUMN MENACES AMERICA ON A THOUSAND FRONTS [and on verso:] The FIFTH COLUMN CONSPIRACY IN America [:] AUTHENTIC MAP and DIRECTORY. New Haven: Constitutional Educational League, 1941.

Constitutional Educational League map attacking a Communist-Fascist “Fifth Column” in America

A fascinating 1941 propaganda map of the United States, designed to expose the pervasive and oft-hidden influence of Communist and Fascist forces in American politics and culture. The map purports to show how the Communists—allegedly in league with the Nazis and various Fascist organizations—had established a pervasive, nationwide “Fifth Column” that “Menaces America on a […]

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