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The “Eliot map” of the young United States

A fine example of the very rare second state of J. B. Eliot’s map of the United States, with additional annotations in a contemporary hand. The first state of the map, issued in 1778, is believed to be the earliest printed map to name the “United States.” Eliot’s attractive map depicts the colonies from southern […]

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Lovely 1784 map of the United States by Brion de la Tour

A lovely old-color example of one of the earliest maps to name the United States, indicate its borders per the Treaty of Paris, and depict the Stars and Stripes. Per the subtitle, Brion de la Tour compiled the map from various English maps and other sources, as well as the boundaries set by the Treaty […]

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Travels in America by a sympathetic Brit

Basil Hall (1788-1844) was a British naval officer, traveler and writer. After retiring from the Navy and marrying, he traveled in the United States from 1827-8. His objective “was to see things with my own eyes, in order to ascertain, by personal inspection, how far the sentiments prevalent in England with respect to that country […]

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1862 Charles Joseph Minard map of the Civil War-era cotton trade

Charles Joseph Minard map of the Civil War-era cotton trade

A great rarity of thematic mapmaking: a Charles Joseph Minard “flow map” tracking the impact of the American Civil War on the global cotton trade. Minard was one of the great 19th-century innovators in what Edward Tufte has called the “visual display of quantitative information.” Over the course of a quarter century he produced dozens of […]

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Rand McNally 1884 Public Domain Squandered

The Public Domain Squandered!

Rare political broadside, setting forth the Democratic Party Platform of 1884 and arguing that the “Public Domain Has Been Squandered” by Federal land grants to the railroads. The broadside was published by the Democratic Party during the 1884 presidential race between Grover Cleveland and James Blaine. The map shows vast swaths of territory from the […]

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Dodd, RAMBLES THROUGH OUR COUNTRY. AN INSTRUCTIVE GEOGRAPHICAL GAME FOR THE YOUNG. Hartford: American Publishing Company, 1881 or a bit later.

Rambles Through Our Country … a spectacular pictorial map of the United States

An early and spectacular example of American pictorial mapping, Rambles through Our Country is a simple educational game requiring players to complete a “grand tour” of the United States. The game is played on a board featuring a spectacular chromolithographic map of the United States. The map bears 200 numbered stations beginning with Hartford—where the […]

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