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Chart of South Carolina-Georgia coast, rushed into print for the Civil War?

A trove of information, this chart includes immensely detailed soundings; navigational hazards; navigational aids such as lighthouses and light ships; and sailing directions. Also provided is detailed topographical and cartographical information on the adjacent coastal regions, at times extending well inland. An earlier version of this chart printed on thin paper were bound in the Report […]

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Key Revolutionary-era chart of the South Carolina coast

One of the finest charts of the southern coastline available to British mariners during the Revolution. The 25 miles of coast from Georgia’s Savannah River to Port Royal Sound, North Carolina was of great strategic import, encompassing as it did the superb harbor at Port Royal and the approaches to the city of Savannah. At […]

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Engraved from an Indian Draught by T[homas] Kitchin, A New MAP of the CHEROKEE NATION with the Names of the Towns & Rivers… London, 1760.

An important French-and-Indian War-era map of the Cherokee Nation

A scarce and significant map of the Cherokee Nation at the end of the French and Indian War, said to be based on “an Indian Draught”. The map depicts the area bounded by the Hiwassee River (labeled “A Branch of Mississipi R.”), the Little Tennessee River (“Cherokees or Hogohegee R.”) and the headwaters of the […]

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Eman[uel] Bowen, Geographer to his Majesty, A NEW MAP of Georgia, with Part of CAROLINA, FLORIDA and LOUISIANA. Drawn from Original Draughts, assisted by the most approved Maps and Charts. [London: Thomas Woodward et al., 1748].

The first large-scale map of the Georgia Colony

An early, important English map of the Georgia colony, chartered in 1732, here depicted with its borders extending to the Mississippi River and presumably on to the Pacific, although actual physical settlement was then limited to a narrow band along the Atlantic coast. The original charters of the English colonies in North America established boundaries […]

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