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Painted by W[illiam] J[ohn] Huggins, Marine Painter to his Majesty / Engraved by T. Sutherland, William John Huggins. SOUTH SEA WHALE FISHERY. A representation of the Ships Amelia Wilson & Castor off the Island of Bouro. _ with their Boats & Crew, in the various process of Fishing, shewing the manner the Spermacetti Whales are caught. London: Leadenhall street, Jany 1st 1825.

Huggins’ iconic 1825 print of the South Sea Whale Fishery

Later restrike of Huggins view of the South Sea Whale Fishery capturing for an interested public the various stages of whaling, drawn, painted and published in 1825 by W. J. Huggins. The print depicts the activities of three British whaling vessels off the island of Bouro (Buru) in the Indonesian archipelago. Several sperm whales have […]

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R. M. Chapin 1943 "Global Combat" map for Time Magazine

R. M. Chapin map of Allied offensives, drawn for Time Magazine

A striking 1943 poster depicting options for Allied offensives against the Axis, drawn by Robert M. Chapin for Time magazine. The poster features side-by-side maps of the European and Asia-Pacific Theatres on a stereographic projection, giving the viewer the sense of seeing the Earth from space. The theatres of war are, in a sense, carved […]

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U.S. Government Printing Office, Nav War Map NO. 2 [:] THE SOUTH CHINA SEA AREA. Washington, D.C.: Navy Department, 1944.

Spectacular “Nav War Map” of the South China Sea

A spectacular propaganda map of the South China Sea, issued in 1944 by the U.S. Navy.   The map emphasizes the strategic significance of the South China Sea region as a source of raw materials, including “almost all of the world’s quinine; nine-tenths of the world’s rubber; one-half of the world’s tin and tungsten; and […]

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Designed by Bureau of Naval Personnel Training Aids / U.S. Government Printing Office, Nav War Map No. 4 / THE NORTH PACIFIC AREA. Washington: Bureau of Naval Personnel, Navy Dept., 1944.

Striking U.S. Navy map of the North Pacific in WWII

A mammoth and colorful propaganda map of the North Pacific issued by the U.S. Navy near the end of World War II. This impressive, separately-published poster highlights events across the North Pacific, beginning with the Japanese strikes of late 1941 and early 1942. The attack on Pearl Harbor is highlighted, for example, by a depiction of […]

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Prepared by The Educational Services Section Bureau of Naval Personnel / U.S. Government Printing Office, Nav War Map No. 5 [:] SOUTHWEST PACIFIC. Washington: Navy Department, 1944.

Spectacular Nav War Map of the Southwest Pacific

A spectacular pictorial map of the Southwest Pacific, issued in 1944 by the U.S. Navy. The map highlights events beginning with the Japanese offensive of late 1941 and early 1942, identified by sweeping orange arrows. American counteroffensives are shown by light blue arrows, beginning with the 1942 landings on Guadalcanal, with the limits of American […]

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