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Willem Blaeu 1634 Insulae Americanae

Blaeu’s 1634 Insulae Americanae – extracted from his West Indische Paskaert

An important, rare and very unusual map of North America and the Caribbean, extracted by Blaeu from his landmark West Indische Paskaert to meet a publishing deadline. The Insulae Americanae depicts eastern North America, much of Central America, part of Latin America, and the islands of the Caribbean. The brightly-painted arms of the Netherlands, England […]

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Color printing. [Jacques-Fabien] Gautier [D’Agoty] / Gautier fils (engraver), CARTE ABR[E]GEE du CANADA levee sur les lieux par M.*** resident a Quebec année 1754. Paris: [Gautier], 1755.

18th-century cartographic color printing, by Gautier D’Agoty

A rare and fascinating thematic map of northeastern North America by a French artist, printer, anatomist and crackpot geologist, remarkable also as an early example of color printing. A former pupil of Jacob Christoph Le Blon, and a pioneer in color-printing, Jacques Fabien Gautier D’Agoty (1717-1785) improved on the methods of his teacher by developing […]

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[Samuel Engel] / M. Iaquier delin. / Gravé par I. A. Chovin, CARTE De la partie Septentrionale et Occidentale de l’Amérique dápres les relations les plus récentes dressés en 1764 par Mr. *** [Lausanne, 1765.]

A striking geographic interpretation of the trans-Mississippi West by Samuel Engel

A remarkable map of the American West by Samuel Engel, reflecting one man’s interpretation and synthesis of more than half a century of discoveries, wishful thinking and outright invention. This was one of two maps included in Engel’s Memoires et Observations Geographiques et Critiques sur la situation des Pays Septentrionaux de l’Asie et de l’Amerique, d’apres […]

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Linen printing of an unrecorded 18th-century Western Hemisphere map

An attractive linen printing of an unrecorded map of the Western Hemisphere, likely dating to the end of the 18th century. The map depicts the Western Hemisphere on a stereographic projection, centered on a point in the Pacific just south of Guadalajara, Mexico. National and colonial boundaries are indicated, as are the tracks of voyages by […]

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Travels in America by a sympathetic Brit

Basil Hall (1788-1844) was a British naval officer, traveler and writer. After retiring from the Navy and marrying, he traveled in the United States from 1827-8. His objective “was to see things with my own eyes, in order to ascertain, by personal inspection, how far the sentiments prevalent in England with respect to that country […]

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1842 map donation to the Library of Congress

In 1842 Library of Congress accepts a gift of two maps of North America

A small archive of material related to the 1842 donation to the Library of Congress of two interesting French and Indian War-era maps of North America.  In 1842 Doctor Andrew Nichols (1785-1853), a distinguished citizen of Danvers, Massachusetts, enquired of his Congressman, Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845), whether the Library of Congress would welcome a gift from […]

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Unrecorded 1845 edition of Henry Tanner Map of North America

Unrecorded edition of the Henry Tanner map of North America

An unrecorded edition of the superb Henry Tanner map of North America, issued in 1845 as President Polk was bringing disputes over Oregon and Texas to a boil. Setting its prime meridian at Washington, D.C., the map depicts North America in its entirety, with much attention given to the continent’s river systems and topography. Heavy red […]

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