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Recently-discovered 18th-c. watercolor view of New York City

A recently-discovered watercolor of New York City, contemporary with the Stamp Act Riots and one of only a handful of manuscript views of the city from before the Revolution. Artist Pieter Idsertsz depicts New York as seen from the southwest, from a vantage point across the East River in Brooklyn, possibly at Red Hook. The city […]

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Walter Vrooman, Map of New York City SHOWING CONCRETE SOCIALISM IN RED, AND PRIVATE ENTERPRISES IN WHITE, 1895. Baltimore: Patriotic Literature Publishing Co., 1895.

Walter Vrooman promotes Concrete Socialism

Walter Vrooman (1869-) was a socialist reformer best known as a leader of the Ruskin Hall Movement, which was committed to the ideal of providing low-cost higher education for the working class. After helping found the Ruskin Hall (known today as Ruskin College) in Oxford, England—a calculated “in your face” to the University–in 1900 Vrooman […]

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Drawn, printed and published by C.S. Hammond & Co., BIRDS EYE VIEW MAP OF New York and Vicinity [title on wraps: BIRD’S EYE VIEW MAP OF East an North Rivers and Long Island Sound.] New York City, 1909.

Colorful bird’s eye view of New York City

A scarce and colorful chromolithographic bird’s-eye view of New York City, as seen from an imaginary viewpoint high above New York Bay. This lovely little view depicts nearly the entire city, with the exception of the southern reaches of Brooklyn, as well as surrounding parts of Westchester, Nassau County, and New Jersey. Built-up areas are highlighted in […]

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A remarkable United Electric Light and Power archive, with maps

A unique report, heavily illustrated offering an inside view of the United Electric Light and Power Company in 1924 as it was well on its way to dominating power transmission in Manhattan. With four Manhattan maps, among them a monumental blueprint of the island’s electrical supply system. A native of Maplewood, New Jersey, William Barry […]

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