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PONY EXPRESS. No place, no date [but 1860-61].

Spectacular Pony Express promotional broadside

A very large and vivid xylographic Pony Express promotional broadside, its size and visual impact unmatched by any other Pony Express image with which we are acquainted. Only the second example known. The broadside features a proud upright rider, his bearing and posture remarkably calm considering that the horse under him is in full gallop. […]

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Leander Ransom, A NEW MAP OF THE States OF CALIFORNIA AND NEVADA Exhibiting the RIVERS, LAKES BAYS and ISLANDS, with the principal TOWNS, ROADS, RAILRAODS and TRANSIT ROUTES to the SILVER MINING DISTRICTS of NEVADA TERRITORY. Also MERIDIAN, STANDARD, RANGE and TOWNSHIP LINES as established; to which is added the County Boundaries and UNITED STATES LAND DISTRICTS. CAREFULLY COMPILED FROM United States and other Reliable Surveys by LEANDER RANSOM. San Francisco: Warren Holt, 1870.

1870 map of California and Nevada by pioneering surveyor Leander Ransom

Scarce and significant 1870 pocket map of California and Nevada, compiled by Leander Ransom and published in San Francisco by Warren Holt. Described by Wheat as “a Nevada map of first importance” and Streeter as “a first rate map of California as it was in 1863 and… especially good for the mining districts in Nevada […]

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