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General Land Office map of the Northern Part of Missouri Territory

First General Land Office survey in the trans-Mississippi West

A scarce and most important map of a portion of the Missouri Territory at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Most likely issued in 1818, it is one of the earliest maps issued by the General Land Office and the first printed map to record Land Office surveys west of the Mississippi.   […]

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[ St. Louis Fire ] Drawn by L[eopold] Gast / Jul[iu]s Hutawa Lithr, View of the City of ST. LOUIS, MO. : The great Fire of the City on the 17th and 18th of May. 1849. St. Louis: Julius Hutawa, June 1849.

Dramatic map and view of the 1849 St. Louis Fire

A dramatic, informative and very rare image of the 1849 St. Louis Fire, rushed into print within days or weeks of the catastrophe. Background In 1849 St. Louis, Missouri was a booming city of some 63,000, benefitting from its role as a major Mississippi River port and as the last major city where settlers and gold […]

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