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Chart from New York to Timber Island

John Norman’s 1791 Chart from New York to Timber Island

A rare American chart of the waters off Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Chart from New York to Timber Island Including Nantucket Shoals was engraved and first published in 1791 by John Norman, Boston’s most notable post-war map engraver.  It is usually found in Norman’s American Pilot, one of the earliest atlases published in […]

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William C. Folger 1855 manuscript copy of Daniel Allen and Daniel P. Macy, A plat of North Pasture laid out by the subscribers who were employed by the Agents of the Proprietors by virtue of a vote taken 3d 4mo 1821 agreeably to the report[.] Nantucket 27th 10mo 1821. Daniel Allen [/] Daniel P. Macy. Nantucket, Oct. 27, 1821.

19th-century survey of Nantucket’s North Pasture

Two early copies of an 1821 survey recording the division of common lands at the North Pasture a couple of miles east of the town of Nantucket, a process as controversial as it was important. While Nantucket institutions hold substantial cartographic archives related to land ownership on the island, such material is almost never encountered […]

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Lith. Compton, Buffalo, THE MAYHEW FAMILY TREE. [Buffalo?], 1855.

Spectacular family tree for the Mayhews of Martha’s Vineyard

A spectacular 1855 lithographic family tree for the Mayhews, the founding family of Martha’s Vineyard, would-be feudal lords, and missionaries to the Wampanoag. The American branch of the Mayhews was established by Thomas (1593-1682), native of Tisbury, Wiltshire, who left England during the Great Migration of 1631. He settled first in Medford, Massachusetts, where he […]

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Spectacular Old Colony Railroad broadside touting service to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket

A spectacular and previously-unknown late 19th-century broadside touting Old Colony Railroad and Old Colony Steamship Company service to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. The Old Colony Railroad is not mentioned on this broadside, but the content points directly to that firm, as it dominated transportation in southeastern Massachusetts for much of the 19th century. Established in […]

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Surfside, Nantucket: An unrecorded real estate map

An extremely rare 1880s plat of lots for sale in Surfside on Nantucket’s South Shore. Note: This plat was acquired in partnership with Barry Ruderman Antique Maps as part of an archive of some 150 Nantucket real estate maps and plats. The group includes several impressions of the plat—the only known examples–identical in all but the added […]

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Designed by H. T. Whitman Civil Engineer / Surveys by Edm. Grover and G. L. Walker, PLAN OF A SECTION OF SEA SHORE LOTS AT MAKONIKEY HEIGHTS MARTHAS VINEYARD MASS. Property of Marthas Vineyard Co. Boston: Marthas Vineyard Co., [ca. 1891].

Development at Makonikey Heights on Marthas Vineyard

A rare, nicely executed plan designed to attract investment in an 1890s development in the Makonikey area of Marthas Vineyard, lying between Tisbury and Vineyard Haven on heights overlooking Vineyard Sound. The development at Makonikey was funded by a group of mainland businessmen with no particular connection to the island, among them E. H. Capen, […]

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