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1755 Thomas Johnston A PLAN of Kennebec & Sagadahok Rivers, with the adjacent Coasts : taken from Actual Surveys

A Colonial Maine rarity: 1755 plan of the Kennebec region, after Thomas Johnston

An exceedingly rare, separately-issued map of the Kennebec River region of Maine from the early months of the French and Indian War, illustrating the multi-tiered contest for control between the British and French, between the British and the indigenous tribes, and between competing land interests. Offered in partnership with High Ridge Books. The map shows a […]

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1776 J.F.W. Des Barres chart of Newburyport to Cape Elizabeth

A nice example of what was for its time the finest chart of the coasts of New Hampshire and southern Maine. It was issued in 1776 in The Atlantic Neptune, an atlas of the East Coast used by British captains during the Revolution. The charts were so respected that they remained in use for decades, often […]

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Atlantic Neptune chart of Portland Maine

Portland, Maine from the Atlantic Neptune

A landmark in Maine mapping, being the first large-scale navigation chart of Portland Harbor and environs. The chart centers on the environs of Falmouth, Maine, including present-day Portland, the Cape Elizabeth peninsula, and the inner reaches of Casco Bay. Falmouth was at the time the largest town in Maine and an important center of the […]

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Rare chart of the Maine Coast first published in 1791 by John Norman

18th-century chart of the Maine coast by John Norman

A rare chart of the Maine coast from the American Pilot, published in Boston by John Norman and one of the earliest atlases published in the United States. Chart of the Coast of America from Wood Island to Good Harbour was engraved and first published in Boston in 1791 by John Norman, the most notable of that town’s […]

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1826 Nathan Hale map of New England

A landmark 1826 map New England

A most important 1826 map of New England by Nathan Hale, being the first significant large-scale map of New England issued in the 19th century. As such, it is best viewed as the successor to Thomas Jefferys’ Map of the Most Inhabited Part of New England (1755), the great regional map of the 18th century. […]

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1873 Plan for “a first-class summer resort” in Kennebunkport Maine

A lovely and interesting 1873 plan promoting a real estate development in Kennebunkport Maine. The plan depicts a “first-class summer resort” in a “situation [that] has not its equal on the coast.” It shows some 566 housing lots, hotel sites, and parks, all on a peninsula at the outlet of the Kennebunk River and blessed […]

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James Blaine Election of 1884 poster

Dramatic James Blaine Presidential campaign poster

A dramatic and very rare poster for the 1884 presidential campaign of Republican James Blaine against Democrat Grover Cleveland. James Blaine (1830-1893) had a long and distinguished career as a Maine congressman and senator, Secretary of State to three Presidents, and the 1884 Republican presidential nominee. This poster emphasizes his and fellow Republicans’ embrace of […]

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Birds-eye view of Bar Harbor and Mt. Desert Island

A rare and beautiful view of Bar Harbor and Mt. Desert Island, depicted when it was a favored summer resort of the Gilded Age elite. The image depicts Bar Harbor as seen looking southward from an imaginary elevated viewpoint over Bar Island. The town’s sprawling hotels, clubs and mansions are prominently featured, as is its […]

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1906 Maine Central Railroad view of Casco Bay

Promotional view of Casco Bay published by the Maine Central Railroad

A fine example of this well-known chromolithographic bird’s-eye view of Casco Bay and Portland, Maine, lithographed for the Maine Central Railroad by George H. Walker. Established through merger in 1862, by the early 20th century the Maine Central Railroad dominated its market, with lines throughout the state and neighboring New Hampshire. It commissioned this lovely […]

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