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The Dangerfield Printing Co. Ltd., SUBJECT NATIONALITIES OF THE GERMAN ALLIANCE. London: Stanford’s Geographical Establishment, ca. 1917.

Subject Nationalities of the German Alliance

An imposing First World War Allied propaganda map highlighting the hegemonic nature of the Central Powers and arguing for a post-war reorganization of Europe according to the principle of national self-determination. The map depicts Europe and the Near East, color-coded to indicate the dominant nationalities in the vast region then controlled by the Central Powers of […]

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[ Occupied Germany ] Printed by Karl W. Schilling (Heilbronn), BESATZUNGS-ZONEN MIT NEUEN POSTLEITGEBIETEN [:] MAP OF THE OCCUPATION AREAS [:] CARTE DES ZONES D'OCCUPATION [:] КАРТА ОККУПАЦИОННЫХ ЗОН. Frankfurt am Main: Atlanta Service, [1946].

Occupied Germany immediately after the Second World War

An important poster depicted occupied Germany at the end of the Second World War, with vibrant use of color belying the depressing subject matter. The map delineates allied occupation zones in Germany and Austria as they stood from 1945 until 1949, with the Russian zones pink, the American blue, the English yellow, and the French […]

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Maurice Neumont / P.J. Gallais et Cie., Edit. Imp., En 1788 MIRABEAU disait deja : LA GUERRE est l’industrie Nationale de la PRUSSE [“Already in 1788 Mirabeau was saying: War is the national industry of Prussia.”] Paris, [1917.]

First World War propaganda map by Maurice Neumont, portraying Prussia as an octopus

A brilliantly-designed and brutally-effective First World War propaganda map by Maurice Neumont, comparing Germany to a monstrous octopus threatening Europe. Germany is shown in different shadings of red, indicating its numerous annexations of surrounding territory since 1740, the most recent being the 1871 seizure of Alsace-Lorraine during the Franco-Prussian War. Sprawled across Germany is a […]

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